A Guide to Adding TSA PreCheck to the Delta App

TSA PreCheck is a time-saving program that allows eligible travelers to enjoy expedited security screening at U.S. airports. If you’re a Delta Air Lines passenger and you’re enrolled in TSA PreCheck, you can save valuable time and avoid long security lines. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps on how to add your TSA PreCheck information to the Delta app, making your travel experience even smoother.

What Is TSA PreCheck?

TSA PreCheck is a program offered by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the United States. It provides pre-approved travelers with benefits such as expedited security screening, which includes not having to remove shoes, belts, laptops, liquids, and light jackets. This helps make your airport experience more efficient and less stressful.

Adding TSA PreCheck to the Delta App:

To enjoy the benefits of TSA PreCheck with Delta, you need to ensure that your TSA PreCheck Known Traveler Number (KTN) is added to your Delta Air Lines reservation. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Enroll in TSA PreCheck:
    • If you’re not already enrolled in TSA PreCheck, you’ll need to apply. Visit the TSA PreCheck website to complete an online application. You’ll be required to schedule an in-person appointment at an enrollment center for a background check and fingerprinting.
  2. Receive Your KTN:
    • Once you are approved for TSA PreCheck, you will receive a Known Traveler Number (KTN). This unique 9-digit number is your key to TSA PreCheck benefits.
  3. Book Your Delta Flight:
    • When booking a flight with Delta, make sure to enter your TSA PreCheck KTN during the booking process. You can do this by providing your KTN in the “Known Traveler Number” field when entering your personal information.
  4. Add KTN to Existing Reservations:
    • If you’ve already booked a flight with Delta and want to add your TSA PreCheck KTN, you can do so by following these steps:
      • Visit the Delta Air Lines website or open the Delta mobile app.
      • Log in to your Delta account.
  5. Access Your Reservation:
    • Locate your existing reservation. You can do this by entering your confirmation number and your last name.
  6. Add TSA PreCheck KTN:
    • Within your reservation details, look for the option to “Add Known Traveler Number” or “Edit Passenger Information.” Select this option.
  7. Enter Your KTN:
    • Enter your 9-digit TSA PreCheck Known Traveler Number in the provided field.
  8. Save and Confirm:
    • Save the changes to your reservation and confirm that your TSA PreCheck KTN has been added.

Using TSA PreCheck with Delta:

Once your TSA PreCheck KTN is successfully added to your Delta reservation, you will be eligible for TSA PreCheck benefits when flying with Delta Air Lines. This means you can enjoy expedited security screening at participating U.S. airports. When you arrive at the airport, look for the dedicated TSA PreCheck lane, where you can breeze through security without removing your shoes, belts, laptops, or liquids.


Adding your TSA PreCheck Known Traveler Number to the Delta app is a straightforward process that can significantly enhance your travel experience. With expedited security screening, you can save time and enjoy a more convenient journey through the airport. Make sure to add your KTN when booking flights with Delta, or update your existing reservations to take full advantage of the benefits of TSA PreCheck.

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