Aerofly FS 2020 MOAPK v20.20.43

Introduce about Aerofly FS 2020MOD APK

I never had the chance to recommend any games of the IPACS developer because I didn’t know them. But recently, when there were a lot of players paying attention to Aerofly FS 2020, I started to learn and found this game very interesting. However, it also requires your device to be powerful enough to handle the graphics and movement smoothly.

The best aircraft simulation game

If you are wondering what is the most realistic aircraft simulation game, my answer is Aerofly FS 2020. If you’ve ever tried one of the previous IPACS products such as Aerofly 2 Flight Simulator, then maybe you There will be no doubt about the quality with this game.

Aerofly FS 2020 has made great strides. First of all about the maps. It’s really vast to have over 200 airports across Europe, stretching from Nevada to California and Utah. The length of the entire flight journey is up to 300,000 miles, a number that not many pilots can achieve during their job. Now, you are having the opportunity to breakthrough.

Perhaps, you also understand that to be able to control a large vehicle, which up to hundreds of tons in the sky is not simple. It requires a lot of years of learning about operating principles and skills. But with Aerofly FS 2020, things are a lot simpler. The developer designed a fairly detailed cockpit, including a lot of functions. But you only need one of them to operate and fly the plane into the sky. Minimalism in the controller can be considered as one of the attractions that attract a lot of players.

The process of a flight takes place sequentially: handle aircraft movement on the ground, take off, control in the sky and landing. Throughout this simulation game, you will have to repeat that many times. But do not think that it is simple. When the weight of the aircraft or the horsepower of the propulsion changes, you will adjust the time to be able to fly into the sky before running out of the runway.

The landing process is similar. But don’t worry, because the system has a tutorial for players all the time. Whether you are a newbie or a professional pilot, you can still play this game easily.

Weather effect

You will have an extremely realistic experience when playing this game. IPACS does not deceive its fans that Aerofly FS 2020 is just an ordinary simulation game when their weather effects are unbelievably realistic.

During the flight schedule, you will receive weather information for your upcoming journey. If you encounter a storm, rain, fog or wind too strong, it will cause impact. This makes it difficult for pilots because of limited visibility.

Besides, the day and night effect is also very impressive. You will have to turn on the light to see better when night falls. But, in return, you also enjoy the beautiful views when the European cities light up at night.

Realistic airplane model

There are 22 aircraft models for you to experience in this game. They have ancient designs from the early 20th century, such as the Bucker Jungmeister Bu 133 or the famous P-38 Lightning fighter used by the US during World War II.

Besides, there are also commercial aircraft with more modern shapes such as Airbus A320, Boeing 777 and Robinson R22 helicopters that you can use in cargo or passenger missions.

However, they are not free. You need to work hard to make money and buy them in the store.

High-quality graphics

Graphics are part of Aerofly FS 2020’s success. Aircraft models, weather effects, maps and scenery are realistic simulated thanks to high-resolution graphics.

In terms of hardware requirements, this game requires your device to have 4.5 GB of space memory with powerful CPU and GPU.

APK version of Aerofly FS 2020

If you want to download this game from Google Play, you have to pay $ 7.99. This number is not too big, but you may have difficulty in paying with a VISA card with dozens of complicated procedures. Do not worried. You can download and experience this game for free with our APK and OBB files. Please read through the section below to successfully install this game.

How to install Aerofly FS 2020

  1. Download APK and OBB of the game via the links below the article.
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Place obb folder com.aerofly.aeroflyfs2020 into Android/obb.
  4. Install the APK file.
  5. Open the game and enjoy.

Download Aerofly FS 2020 APK for Android

Since its release, Aerofly FS 2020 has performed quite well as the new updates revolved around improving performance, resolution and reducing battery consumption. It doesn’t have a bug so you can expect great, uninterrupted experiences. In the future, we hope that the developer adds new features and more modern aircraft models. We will try to update the latest version and make it free for you.

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