Alarmy MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) v5.21.08

Alarmy MOD APK is a compact application that helps you wake up properly after a long sleep. It also comes with many highly useful small features to help you start an effective day.Start your day gently and leisurely with the smart wake-up app

Waking up in the morning the right way can lead to a peaceful, productive day

You may not know, but the way you wake up in the morning can affect your mood throughout the day. Of course, it also depends on many other factors, such as the amount and quality of sleep, whether the breakfast is scientific or not, whether the working day is busy or not.

But somehow, waking up properly and gently also contributes significantly to the quality of a long day ahead.

But what is a right wake-up? Wake up leisurely? Each person will have their own definition. Countries that are used to stressful lifestyles such as Japan, Korea, and the US will have their own concept of leisure, which is different from cultures with a more relaxed style.

But in general, a successful morning begins with waking up gently, without surprises, without being rushed or overwhelmed with anxiety…

You can do this on your own, even make it a habit. But to make it simpler and more scientific, you can use an application that supports smart alarms like Alarmy.

What is Alarmy?

The smart alarm app Alarmy has the main goal that is to help users wake up gently and quickly after a long, good night’s sleep. Alarmy is not just a simple “alarm clock”, it also contains a lot of highly convenient features, helping you to start a fresh and most refreshing day.

Alarmy helps your body to fully wake up

To be fully awake, not too rushed and not too stagnant, you will need more than you think. It’s not just getting out of bed. The whole body after a long night of rest needs to be awakened inside and out, the brain also needs a little light exercise to be fresh and ready to work.

Alarmy will help you do all of that in the most complete and detailed way, but still keep a gentle rhythm with the following features:

  1. Photo mission: Alarmy displays an image you have previously set on the screen as soon as you press off the alarm. This image will motivate you to do something according to the rhythm of your daily routine after waking up. For example, if you often take a light shower with warm water when you wake up, you take a beautiful bathroom photo, or use an image from the Internet to save for this feature. Every time you turn off the alarm in your phone, the screen will automatically show a picture of the bathroom reminding you to take a light shower after waking up.
  2. Barcode mission: It helps you scan barcodes or QR code to do something related to an item after turning off the alarm. For example, scan the barcode of a favorite book so that the screen shows the book page right after turning off the alarm clock. This feature along with the photo mission above will help you have a serious, healthy, and moderate lifestyle in a clear time. 
  3. Squat mission: It immediately displays a small Squat exercise of 10-20 movements to help you warm up your body immediately after turning off the alarm. Depending on your fitness and desired “warm-up” level, you can choose the number of squats and the intensity of this mini exercise differently. Of course, the average level is still the level that works best for everyone.
  4. Step mission: It displays on the main screen a 30-50 step exercise, reminding you to do it after turning off the alarm. This move will help you get ready for the workday.
  5. Shake mission: It is still a move to remind you to have light body movement after turning off the alarm. It is the movement of shaking the phone (up to 999 times).
  6. Math mission: Your brain also needs to be warmed up. Alarmy will open up some basic or advanced math problems to turn off the alarm and warm up your brain at the start of the day.
  7. Memory mission: One or more simple memory test games that open when you turn off your alarm and start getting out of bed.
  8. Typing mission: With this function, you can freely type in any of your favorite quotes to appear on the main screen, it can be your motivation.

Series of extra features with many benefits

In addition to the main features mentioned above to help your body fully awaken, Alarmy also has a series of highly useful extra features such as:

  • Wake Up Check: many of you, after turning off the alarm on your phone, quickly… go back to bed again. Understanding that psychology, Alarmy has a Wake Up Check feature: check if you have woken up by repeating the alarm until you are completely awake.
  • Back up sound: comes with Wake up Check, you can add this feature to have a second alarm sound with very loud volume.
  • Quick alarm: the application automatically installs some common basic tasks when you do not have time for each detailed setting.

MOD APK version of Alarmy

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

Download Alarmy MOD APK for Android

In case you want to wake up your body comprehensively to start a productive day, you can try Alarmy. Believe me, the application is small, but the effect is not small at all. 

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