Always On: Edge Music Lighting MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) v1.5.5.0

Create “music vignette” for phone edges!

The strangest application I have ever known

If you are using an extremely stylish, expensive smartphone, and someone who adores perfectionism in every detail. At the same time, you also love music with the motto “can’t live without music”, I think this is the app you need on your phone.

With a tiny capacity, nothing worth mentioning compared to new phones nowadays, but the effects and effects that it brings are greater than what you can imagine.

Basically, the main feature of Always On: Edge Music Lighting is that it displays music visual effects according to the melody on the edges of the screen when you are playing music from any music application. It sounds vague, right? Well, let look at these three images, you will understand what “music visual effects” are. Here, have you noticed the purple-black gradient border in the image below? In the images below is a series of different border effects in the application. 

Small app, but the excitement is limitless

These effects are not stationary. Which of course, they will “dance”, change color according to the tone of the music is playing and according to some of your previous customizations.

Enjoying music, thanks to this unique app, increase to the new level. Choosing cool music, having a good headphone and a screen that slumped like a real DJ, is it chill?

Always On: Edge Music Lighting is not picky about any type of phone or tablet screen, as long as your phone playing music, it can connect and handle all. You just need to choose your own style and enjoy.

Supports all music apps for Android

First, Always On: Edge Music Lighting only works when you are playing music using a music player. So, the developer has optimized, making Always On: Edge Music Lighting compatible and well-supported for any popular music player in the world. You just turn on the music on that app and then automatically Always On compatible, the effects immediately appear on the edges of the screen. Application applies to both online and offline mode.

AOD feature

There is a special feature that they called AOD, which allows these beautiful music effects to be displayed evenly even when the screen is off. So, the screen was black, but the music is loud and the edges still twinkle.

Choose vignettes, effects according to your style

You can freely choose from hundreds of different designs of music edge effects in Always On: Edge Music Lighting’s setting. These effects are diverse and so many that it takes a long time to experience them all. Not to mention the number is still increasing when the developer is updated very often. We can choose:

  • Color
  • Light tone
  • Light transition effect
  • Pattern
  • Corner displayed on the phone screen
  • Conversion speed of light effects

Even with an existing track, you can use the app’s Pick tool to extract a strange color from the album cover of that song. And if you do not customize anything, the system will take out the color tones in the album cover to use for its basic effects.

In the process of using, if you like a certain color tone, you can save it in the “Palette Collection” on Always On: Edge Music Lighting.

Display the information you want on the home screen

And we can always control how to display other information about the music on the main screen, including:

  • Song name / source / artist / lyrics.
  • Choose where this information will be displayed on your screen.
  • Blurring the background and keeping the screen ON when Always On is active.
  • Hide information about existing songs on the screen to stay focused on doing other tasks.
  • An option for the pages on the screen where Always On: Edge Music Lighting displays an edge effect. The default is always the home screen, and other pages are up to you.

Simple to use. Only install for a few seconds, turn on and use. Select Setting to choose different effects, select the mode to display song information on the main screen.

MOD APK version of Always On: Edge Music Lighting

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

Download Always On: Edge Music Lighting MOD APK for Android

Listening to music on your phone has never been so chill and stylish. This application helps your music player become more stylish, more artistic, gives you more emotion when enjoying your favorite songs. Download now Always On: Edge Music Lighting MOD APK via the link below to use all Pro features for free.

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