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Everything in American Dad! Apocalypse Soon will make you think hard: who should be sent, what moves are right, what strategy is needed to defeat the enemy… The beauty of American Dad! Apocalypse Soon is that based on the original setting in the original cartoon, the publisher has made the rest of the attraction and stimulation in every cell by adding so many interesting things. Let’s see now!


The story begins with the scene of the town of Langley Falls. One fine day, suddenly, a series of UFOs flew down and rained bullets on everything, objects, architecture, people…, creating unprecedented chaos. Particularly for humans, UFOs used a strange light to shine on their faces and then abducted them onto ships. You will play as Stan, an exemplary resident of the town. In that inexplicable event, the Stans were captured by aliens.

The father, Stan Smith, the only one not caught, began to find all sorts of ways to fight the aliens and save his family.

Everything around was in ruins. Stan decided to use his own house to make a military base. As Stan, you will begin to build and gradually turn this place into a grand strategic space with many different function rooms, such as a money-printing room, cloning laboratory, weapon- equipment-making tunnel… And with an extraordinary effort of a breadwinner, Stan (also you) saved his family and became the sole breadwinner of mankind.

Your mission is to use your strength, skill, wisdom, and ingenuity and cooperate with a series of Roger clones in the basement to fight the aggressive aliens. To prepare to fight, you will have to do a lot of things in the space of your house. Build a room in the bunker, print money, then repair the house when you have money, divide the rooms, build a cloning laboratory, then continue to make items, weapons, and Roger clones (doppelgangers).

Money is an important thing in the game, so you must always ensure the source of money. With money, you can also equip yourself and your clones with a lot of different equipment. Then you should conduct rapid training for this army of clones. Then send out each of them to deal with the aliens roaming out there.

The game looks childish but not for children

And I don’t think kids will enjoy playing American Dad! Apocalypse Soon either! This game is essentially a strategy RPG game. Oh, you heard it right. Strategy, not combat.

Mainly the things that take up the most time in the game will be the macro and micro management phases. Well, in the end, you will fight against the enemy in the fire battle. But first, you will spend a lot of time planning, creating bases, and making all kinds of strategies to repel the enemy. Overall, it seems to be fun but it’s very difficult to play and full of tactical requirements. Adults can’t even play yet.

The game progress is so interesting that players can’t stop playing

The progression can be summarized as follows: First, you turn the basement of your house into a ground for making Roger clone armies. This is also a place for you to live, work, research, print money, train, and equip weapons, and improve the strength of your army.

In the beginning, you can only unlock a few basements, mainly to track the movements of the aliens and the traitors on the ground. And also, to hide in the process of revenge. Then with the money printed and won from attacks on the ground, you will have the opportunity to unlock more underground areas, develop more advanced technologies, and support in the long war later.

In the time you spend strategizing and crafting things, there will be some big and small battles between the clone army and aliens (or humans who are their minions). These gunfights take place in turn-based combat style but at quite a fast pace. In general, for players who like to fight, these bloody battles are the motivation to complete all the above preparation processes. As for strategy game enthusiasts, each battle is like a summary of the results they have achieved during the entire process of hard work in the underground laboratories and crafting rooms.

No matter what genre you like, you will be excited by the fast and furious gunfights between Stan’s clone army and enemies on the ground.

An army of Roger clones has no shortage of equipment and weapons

In American Dad! Apocalypse Soon, to equip the army and himself, Father Stan will have to make a lot of different weapons himself. From melee to ranged, sometimes even some kind of magic potion. For melee combat, there are sticks, Christmas trees, axes, charms, swords… For long-range combat, there are bows and arrows, pistols, rifles, and super strong one like Plasma guns. Our Roger army is transformed quickly thanks to their special humanoid appearance and a variety of strange clothing styles (from medieval style, street gangster, to horror school, or even simulation of aliens).

Two game modes

There are two major game modes in American Dad! Apocalypse Soon. In PvE mode, you can play with machine AI. You will be led according to the progression available in the game, performing hundreds of large and small missions in accordance with the general spirit of the story.

The ultimate goal is still to help Father Stan do everything to save his family and save humanity. When playing in PvP mode, you will lead your Roger army to fight against other groups of people on the ground.

I like to play PvE the most because I love the plot in the cartoon so I feel that a plot like this is more reasonable.

Download American Dad! Apocalypse Soon MOD APK for Android

With American-style animated 2D graphics, the game is heavy on role-playing strategy, but there is no shortage of intense turn-based battles. Playing the game also feels like watching a movie. It has so many dramatic sounds, fun, smooth visual effects, intense explosions, and reasonable moves. Above all, the plot and gameplay are too good.  I give it 10/10 points for the quality.

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