Armed Heist MOD APK(God Mode) v2.4.29

Becoming a sheriff, chasing bandits and protecting the city has always been the dream of many kids around the world.

But have you ever thought that you would play the role of a bandit, taking part in thrilling missions. Becoming a villain has never been this exciting. Join Armed Heist MOD APK to enjoy these bold bank robberies and dramatic action.

Become a real criminal

Unlike other shooting games, Armed Heist’s third perspective will help players have a broader and more overview. Because this is not a classic shooting game, many players are very interested in the context and content of the game.

The battle unfolds as soon as you enter the game, when your character has completed the robbery and is trying to escape.

However, the police didn’t want to ignore this. Outside the bank was besieged by the most elite police force. Find a good place to hide, get ready to retaliate police gunfire. Kill all the police who are surrounding you and get ready to run to the front door, then run away with the car is waiting.

A chaotic crime world is happening with more than 70 challenging missions and dozens of thrilling deals waiting for you ahead. Do you want to become a legendary criminal?


Besides more than 30 types of weapons sold in the store, players are allowed to create special types to their liking. With a variety of weapons from pistols, machine guns, sniper guns, rifles, you have enough equipment to confront the police and other criminal forces.

Equip additional accessories such as handles, silencer, ammunition box, sight glass to increase the weapon’s offensive performance.

Become the coolest “villain” in history

A bandit with a cool appearance always impresses the player. Create the image of a unique bandit and do not duplicate with anyone.

The game gives you a range of accessories and costumes like the killers in classic series Friday the 13th. Or even, you can recreate the robbery scene of Joker in The Dark Knight with a clown costume.

Easily customize the appearance, bulletproof vest, costumes, hair, masks for your character.


A successful mission needs a meticulous and clever plan. Armed Heist gives players a very detailed data map of the banks in the city. As a result, players can analyze and find out which bank has a low-security system to choose as their next target.

You should know that sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Be prepared to receive the suspense because, in a robbery, there are many random factors appear.

A banker has a gun, a seemingly harmless hostage but it’s an undercover agent. Stay calm and ready to face any worst-case scenario.

After each robbery, you are rewarded with lots of money and equipment. The bigger the robbery scale, the bigger your bonus.


As a shooting game, Armed Heist towards reality and choose the dark colors to describe the fierce battle. Like other games of the same genre, Armed Heist is designed with realistic and detailed 3D graphics, weapons and scenes that are faithfully simulated.

However, the game has a minus point is that the character design lacks creativity, especially police design. Almost every character has the same shape and face.

MOD APK version of Armed Heist

MOD feature

God Mode: Become the immortal bandit. You are immune to damage to guns and bombs. Note that the enemy’s weapon still deals damage, but the damage is only 1.

Download Armed Heist MOD APK for Android

A lot of players expect Armed Heist to be a breakthrough in shooter games when this genre is gradually becoming saturated.

Although this is an interesting game but to evaluate it as a top game, Armed Heist still lacks many factors. However, if you are looking for an interesting shooting game to kill time, why not try it today?

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