Army Commander MOD APK (Unlimited Tags) v1.1

This highly entertaining combat strategy game is a stepping stone to familiarizing yourself with the tactical genre! Moreover Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack MOD APK (Unlimited Gems) v1.596

Army Commander MOD APK is an army strategy game where you will fight to defend your country or fight to regain your lands from the enemies.

A stepping stone for newbies

You have never played a war strategy game and you feel a little hesitant about giving it a try. Partly because it is rumored that strategy games are difficult, partly because you are not familiar with these games that are sometimes rather dry. If you are in that case, do not worry because there’s an intermediate train to help you overcome this obstacle and familiarize yourself with this fascinating, dramatic, yet mind-filled game genre.

It’s Army Commander, a light war strategy game in a fun-loving and lovely style. The strategy in the game itself does not require too complicated so newbies to the genre can still keep up. Through the levels, your strategy skills will become sharper.

The deeper you go into Army Commander, the more you will be excited, and the more you will understand why so many people are immersed in this game. And you will accumulate a lot of experience to prepare to enter the higher-level strategy games on mobile. A very meaningful steppingstone, right?


Army Commander takes you into the fight to protect your country or retake lands that have been invaded by the enemy. You will be an army commander, holding all combat power in your hand: coordinating troops, dividing strongholds, deciding to attack or entrench… Everything needs to be considered carefully if you don’t want to waste your forces in vain.

Your biggest goal in each level is to capture the enemy’s flag, at all costs and with all tactics and strategies.

MOD APK version of Army Commander

MOD feature

Unlimited Tags

Build your army, get ready for battle

The currency in Army Commander is cards. The more card units you collect, the more opportunities you have to build your army and barracks to become stronger and stronger.

After each victory, you can open more upgrades, new equipment, and weapons. You can choose to attack or defend. But either way, you will in turn get powerful armored tanks, and bazookas to destroy a series of long-range enemies and epic fighters.

Not only sending troops to the battlefield and providing modern weapons and equipment, but you also need to consider sending aid to the battles: reinforcements in soldiers or goods for soldiers fighting here.

Long-term war strategy

Army Commander also promotes a long-term war strategy through the construction of large bases. To create bases, you have to collect a lot of cards and sell them to unlock the battle barracks. When there are many barracks, you will also have more troops, making the front line thicker and the probability of victory will then be higher too.

You don’t need to fight too fast to win quickly but need to spend time thinking carefully before making a decision. For example, think of choosing which army first, how many cards to use to build barracks/ bases, or use cards to buy more weapons and equipment for the current army. Each decision will affect your battle processes in the present and determine your long-term viability in the future. You can also download Super Mecha Champions MOD APK v1.0.13755

Along with the victories and the size of the army, and the number of barracks/ bases under control, you will be promoted accordingly. Witnessing the titles become more and more noble is also a big motivation when playing this game. It can be Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, or any other senior name that comes to mind.

Is playing Army Commander difficult?

As a typical strategy game that is quite fun and light, Army Commander is not too difficult to start but its challenges will become more and more fierce later on. Through the game, you will understand how to build a war strategy and gain more experience for more complex strategy games later.

Operation in Army Commander is simply dragging, touching the screen, and selecting the necessary feature items. The important thing is to think strategically and have your own vision, which is the core of victory.

Download Army Commander MOD APK for Android

Army Commander is not too difficult to play, but to go deep requires quite a lot of complex tactics. If you are looking for a war strategy game to try and find a passion for this genre, then Army Commander is a completely reasonable choice. Furthermore Minion Rush MOD APK v8.5.0g

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