Auto Battles Online MOD APK v705

Do you want to play a role-playing fighting game but don’t want to spend too much time playing and climbing on the ranking? Well, let’s try Auto Battles Online. It has all you want. Furthermore Blade Bound MOD APK (God Mode, One Hit) v2.24.0

An idle yet super attractive game

How does Auto Battles Online start?

In the game, you will create your character. The level of customization of the character is quite high. You can customize your characters in many things, from hairstyle, eyes, to mouth shape, face type, and then helmet, armor, and weapons. In general, it is such a quite attractive process.

Choosing a weapon means choosing a Class for your hero as weapon links to class. For example, if you choose a big knife, you will be oriented to a Warrior-style. If you choose a spell, you will be a Mage. And you will be a Samurai if you choose a Katana.

However, the chibi shape of the character after creating is different from the list of Avatars the game lets you choose after naming… They seem to have nothing to do with each other. It is like the comparison between the picture of a person on Facebook and him in real life. But never mind, the importance is whether it is exciting to play or not, right?

Game modes

The game has 3 game modes: Arena, Dungeon, and Conquest.

Dungeon mode is where you fight vs. AI. The task is to lead a group of 5 people to kill all the enemies in each dark dungeon in turn. You just need to press the button (or not), and the character will automatically attack. The more you attack, the faster you level up. When there is no free time, just hang the game up, and it will automatically run, find materials, and rank up for the character.

You should play Battles in Dungeon hard. It will help you level up very quickly. Until you level up to the maximum (or you feel it is enough), try other modes to play online. Don’t be foolish to fight with other players right away because they are all level of one hundred and above. If you try to play with them too early, you will die soon with your low level.

The other two modes are Arena and Conquest. You should climb to a high rank in the Dungeon and get the high level to play these two modes.

Things to be upgraded in the game

As with other RPG titles, you will get many attractive upgrades in Auto Battles Online MOD APK. The first is about the armor, weapons, and spells of the protagonist and NPC teammates.

Regarding weapons, the more you play, the more chances you can unlock more unusual weapons with many special abilities. There are even deadly weapons such as the one-hand Hellsword or the Crystal Longsword… These items can be shared and selected according to each person’s fighting ability.

Armor is also a very useful self-defense item in the game. At many points, you will need to decide when to upgrade weapons and when to improve armor. The game gives a lot of different forms of armor with different functions and damage reduction abilities. There are unique armors such as the legendary Forest Guardian’s Suit, Samurai iron armor, etc.

Then there’s the upgrade for the character. Once you have enough battle points, you can even summon stronger teammates to help you level up as quickly as possible. Each companion has its strengths and weaknesses.

The combination, as well as the addition of different abilities and strengths of the group of 5, will help you gain an advantage in the battle. For example, use melee warriors to line up in front of the army to fight and increase damage, and let archers and mages be in the back for long-range attacks and minimize damage. You can also download Slime Hunter : Wild Impact MOD APK v6.1.3

Choosing which people or things or which parts of equipment and weapons to upgrade are all up to you. Reasonable, intelligent, timely decisions will always bring glorious victory.

Graphics and sound

The entire character creation in Auto Battles Online is designed in Chibi style. Regardless of what you choose (cool armor, or scarred eyebrows, or crazy hair), with typical Chibi style, the character will still be a short guy/girl with a lovely, oversized head.

Even the monsters like dry white skeletons in the dungeon can’t cause fear. With the volume of extensive customization as I originally mentioned, you will never get bored in the character array. Not to mention that you always play in groups of 5, so the excitement will increase a thousand times.

The effects of lighting, fire, and shooting in the game are also quite impressive. You may see the battle lighting up over the area every time you attack (especially in the dungeon scenes). The accompanying sound is also quite attractive and reasonable. It will surely satisfy you, I believe.

Download Auto Battles Online MOD APK for Android

Auto Battles Online MOD APK is such an extremely idle fighting RPG game. Just give an initial instruction for the character and then hang up there until your level is high enough, then back to fight with other online players or invite them to form a clan to fight other great game masters. It is a super cute game where you can level up super-fast and have so many unforgettable experiences. Try it out, guys. Moreover World Flipper MOD APK v1.501.0

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