Avast One MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) v22.4.0

Avast One MOD APK is an antivirus and Android device optimization app. And not only that, but it also has many other utilities such as VPN service, the ability to look up the safety of passwords. You won’t find a powerful anti-virus application that has so much protection as this app

Why do you need an anti-virus app on your phone?

In the past, PCs and laptops were the targets of attacks, data intrusion, and information theft on the internet. But now this threat is also present on mobile. A modern smartphone with a lot of built-in many functions in one is a place to store a lot of important information, images, and personal data. For many people, smartphones have even more confidential information than PCs and laptops. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are more and more forms and tricks to attack users’ mobile phones.

And to minimize these pervasive risks, you need to have the best preparation, and to do that, you should download an effective anti-virus app to your phone and tablet.

What is Avast One?

Avast One is an antivirus and optimization app for Android mobile and tablet. This app is well known and trusted by many people for its extensive protection along with a series of detailed features to optimize the phone faster and more powerfully. Importantly, it’s completely free and ad-free to use.

Powerful Firewall and Web Shield features

With the duo Firewall and Web Shield features from Avast One, your phone will be multi-dimensionally protected from many unwanted intrusions of viruses, malicious websites, hacking software, blackmail, or spyware.

Avast One always creates a default firewall to prevent harmful agents. On the other hand, by scanning continuously, through all user operations 24/24, on all apps that are operating, about to be downloaded, and the entire process of using the phone, Avast One will once again clean up all the threats that are lurking near your phone from various sources, especially when accessing the Internet.

Avast One’s automatic real-time deep virus scanning through default operation is even more powerful than much other similar software in that: Avast One can automatically scan deeper, more times on its own in case of suspected malware for the device.

While in this automatic deep scan mode, Avast One will check all files and folders currently on the device. This is done while you are using the phone, without causing any inconvenience or hindrance.

A little useful feature from Avast One’s Web Shield is that it both helps block malicious websites and automatically corrects mistyped URLs to keep you away from dangerous sites.

In addition, Avast One also has a Ransomware Protection feature. This feature will help protect your phone from ransomware. It can also be used to protect multiple folders available on the device. Through Ransomware Protection, you can also create a White List, which is a list of websites and applications that you are privileged to have access to your phone during use.

Unique optimization capabilities

In addition to proactive protection, virus scanning continuously throughout the using process, Avast One is also known as a powerful optimization tool. Specifically, Avast One can automatically find out which applications are active, taking up a lot of memory, even if you think you are closed but they are still open in the background. Avast One will help you to detect and completely close those apps, websites, and software.

This will free up memory, keep your phone clean, boosts your device’s overall performance, and makes your phone run noticeably faster.

Avast One also helps you proactively clean up your mobile phone by cleaning junk, image folders, or information that has been deleted but not completely removed from the device.

Effective VPN service

Besides many useful features above, Avast One also offers a free VPN service, that creates a connection between users and any Internet securely and privately using VPN. This feature also helps you prevent DNS and IP leaks effectively and easily with just one touch on the screen.

And yet, it can also help you access any blocked websites to watch movies, read stories, or listen to music. Moreover, the VPN provided by Avast One also lets you change the location of your device to any of the 35 countries and access blocked websites.

This is also a special additional feature of Avast One compared to other antivirus apps on mobile.

Actively protect user privacy

Avast One also has a series of small features, but all aimed at protecting users. The protection features in Avast One will block all malicious data entries on your phone such as the Wifi Scan feature, which checks the password strength and encryption of the network, thereby providing warnings so that users can avoid joining unsafe or high-risk violate to privacy when using.

Avast One also can help you check if the passwords you are using for important accounts are being compromised. Or you can also take advantage of this lookup feature to check if the ID and password combination of every account in use is at risk of being matched or detected by any random hacking tool.

From there, you can be more proactive in changing passwords and periodically check the security of these private online accounts.

MOD APK version of Avast One

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Download Avast One MOD APK for Android

Let download Avast One to your device and you have a powerful anti-virus app, ready to protect your phone anytime, anywhere, and maximize to make your phone run faster and smoother.

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