Awaken: Chaos Era MOD APK v1.1.60 (Unlimited Money)

Awaken: Chaos Era MOD APK from Century Games Publishing is a turn-based card battle game. The game has a long storyline and many interesting events for players with big rewards.

It’s time to join the battle and awaken your inner hero!


Awaken: Chaos Era takes you into the world of ancient myths. Since then, the world has existed and developed based on the Balance that the gods have painstakingly built. The evil forces that want to threaten this balance have also been exiled to the dark place.

One day the demon king arose, with hatred for being imprisoned for so long by the gods, broke the seal, and began to call on his clans to rush to take over the continent. The balance the world had known until now was shaking, everything was on the verge of destruction.

A group of heroes and warriors have been called to fight the evil corporation, destroy the demon king, and bring peace to the world. The battle begins here.


Just like the classic turn-based battle card games, your mission in Awaken: Chaos Era is to Team up mighty warriors to take down all enemies.

When playing Awaken: Chaos Era, you will go through a total of 10 story chapters equivalent to 10 dangerous dungeons, with the option of 3 different difficulty levels and a series of large and small in-game events to win valuable rewards.

But the point worth mentioning here is that all the warrior characters of this game come from the world of World of Warcraft and DotA such as Orcs, Arthas, or Lina Inverse.

It is the appearance, which has been deeply engraved in the minds of many people and somewhat familiar to those who have never played the two games above, that has helped Awaken: Chaos Era get off to a good start before showing off the next epic battles.

With more than 100 heroes and each hero has his own unique skills, depending on the battlefield situation, based on the mastery of each person’s skill set, you will have your own appropriate strategic strategy.

So the essence is a general strategy card game, but you can see that the battlefield is always dynamic, not a minute of rest.

During the battle, you can loot items, equipment, weapons, and things by yourself, or you can through the victory screens to unlock the new skills of each warrior. In turn with victories.

you will strengthen your warriors in 4 basic Stats including Attack, Health, Defense, Speed, Cri.Rate. Depending on how you choose to increase your stat, warriors will advance to higher positions in all aspects when fighting monsters.

Game modes

Awaken: Chaos Era has two game modes PVE and PVP. In the PVE mode, you will follow the main storyline, following the character Evelyn to uncover the mysteries of Awaken.

Find out the origins of the heroes of the warrior squad and set out to find Evelyn’s Father, along with the greater responsibility of restoring peace to the whole world.

In PVP mode, the speed and pace of the game will be faster. Your task is to collect information in the dungeons, kill monsters, kill bosses at each dungeon door, search for wanted heroes (other players) to receive valuable bonuses.

Both game modes promise to bring unforgettable experiences to players.

Eye-catching 3D graphics

Awaken: Chaos Era uses 3D graphics to depict the context and every detail in the game. From heroes to demons, all are meticulously designed, sharp from the body, face to weapons, armor, and skills. In particular, you will be impressed with powerful skills and combos in the game.

My impression is not the fact that Awaken: Chaos Era includes more than 100 World of Warcraft and DotA characters, but how the game blends everything in a reasonable rhythm, makes players feel like this is a different new game, although a bit of fighting but still having bold DotA.

Download Awaken: Chaos Era MOD APK for Android

The turn-based combat action card game Awaken: Chaos Era with a familiar cast of warriors will bring you a fascinating experience in its own way, both familiar and strange. Are you ready to step into the epic dungeon fights?

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