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Monitor battery voltage, electric current, temperature, and much more

What is Battery Guru?

Battery Guru is an app that helps display information about battery usage, measures battery capacity (mAh), and displays battery estimates. From there, it can help you change your charging habits with helpful tips to extend battery life and increase battery life.

Battery Guru is designed to keep the battery in top condition, maintaining a healthy life of the battery. In other words, with Battery Guru, you can take care of your battery life and optimize battery performance on your device, minimizing battery status, quickly running out of battery, overheating, and inefficient battery drain.

Why you should take care of the battery for mobile devices?

Battery life is limited. When you charge your phone, the battery is depreciated and its life is shortened a bit. If the battery is not charged properly, at the wrong time, the battery life will be shortened very much. When the lifespan is shortened, the battery can be drained quickly, leading to slower operation and a hotter device.

Therefore, taking care of the battery, reducing battery wear, and spending less time when attaching the mobile to the charger are necessary. To do this, you may need an application that specializes in consulting and supporting this task, like Battery Guru.

The main features of Battery Guru

To help your smartphone’s battery to maximize its life and longevity, Battery Guru has supported a series of detailed features. Everything is geared towards the same purpose: taking care of the battery.

Detailed features of Battery Guru include:

  • Measure the actual battery capacity (in mAh), and support dual battery configuration.
  • Use charge notifications and temperature alerts to extend battery life.
  • Support wake-locks since the last unplug
  • Remaining charge time notification – lets you know how long it takes before the battery is charged.
  • Usage Time remaining indicator to know when the phone will run out of battery.
  • Estimate Screen On/Off
  • Check the ratio of Deep Sleep and Awake Time
  • Continuous detailed notifications for real-time battery statistics
  • Doze. Editor
  • Advanced system battery saver

Doze is a battery-saving feature. Get your device to standby faster, which means less power, with the screen’s auto-off mechanism. And deep sleep optimization sets the parameters to be perfectly optimized to maximize your battery life.

You can choose to display the following parameters in the mobile’s status bar:

  • Current mA level
  • Temperature
  • Battery level
  • Or all these parameters at the same time

Detailed statistics on Device battery charging

To help users better understand the status of mobile battery charging and check if you have charged it properly and efficiently, Battery Guru offers a lot of detailed information:

  • Battery statistics: includes charge/discharge percentage and estimated time to fully charge/discharge.
  • Display battery information: voltage, temperature, capacity and battery health status, battery charge/discharge history …
  • App, wake-locks, and device deep sleep/awake time stats

In addition, Battery Guru also has Charging records. This profile will help you see if you’re taking proper care of your battery regularly, how healthy the charge is, and show your charging history for the past 3 months.

You can set reminders for battery temperature, charge limit, and abnormal battery usage. When any threshold is reached, the app notifies you with a notification.

MOD APK version of Battery Guru

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Download Battery Guru MOD APK for Android

If you find that your phone runs out of battery quickly, and easily heats up even when used for a short time, maybe one of the reasons is because of the battery. And even before this happens, prevention is better than cure, so the advice is that you need to download Battery Guru to use now to start using batteries, charging mobile devices more properly from today.

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