Beggar Life MOD APK(Unlimited Money) v6.3.6

Introduce about Beggar Life MOD APK

A beggar themed Idle and clicker Game

A ridiculous game

If you need a few silly games to relax for this quarantine, then try playing Beggar Life. You’ll realize it’s time to look at your life differently.

Beggar Life is a simulation game with a bit of a role-playing adventure from manababa. In the game, you will be a beggar with a bald head similar to a Shaolin Temple disciple. But no miracle or heroic event is happening to you, you are still just a poor beggar with a clever mind.

Although you are a beggar, you always love life and are clear in everything, seize every opportunity that comes to you, find all ways to collect as much money as possible. As a result, you officially become the richest “beggar billionaire” in the world. You can buy land, houses, even an entire planet. Do you guys

Simple but effective

Beggar Life’s 2D interface is very friendly, easy to understand because there is nothing to be confused about. You will see a screen showing a sincere beggar sitting in a corner of the screen with the eternal saying “Can you spare some change?”. Then each event, one by one, happens in front of your eyes. Everyone comes and goes, and will bring you a lot of money. And the game’s Idle clicker mechanism itself has already given you a lot of money by simply tapping/clicking on the screen. It is because of the gameplay with the overly accessible visuals that make the game suitable for all ages.

Its interactive and humorous style makes you laugh. Our beggar is a cunning man, always keeping a tragic expression even though he is having a lot of money. I don’t know how they come up with a game like that but it’s very funny and relaxing.


You only have one operation in this game: touch to get money. That’s why it’s called a clicker idle game. Each time you touch the screen you will have the money for the beggar. And when your power level increases, you will be given more gold per click.

Have you ever thought about “begging is a true job”? There’s that concept in this game. The proof is that you will be able to hire part-time beggars to help you, earn even more money. And when there is a lot of money, to “expand the business”, our character is even more cunning when he shows his talent to persuade and invite help from fashionistas, rockers, artists, singers, football players, scientists, judges, king, and even aliens to help him make money in the most pompous and pitiful way.

Why do millions of people love Beggar Life?

When playing this game, I can’t even stop. Because in my head, I always wonder what this guy will do next to make money.

Of course, the game will immediately satisfy your curiosity by revealing more details about how this rich beggar gets the money. He will quietly invest in real estate, then rent it out to earn more money. He also buys artworks and resells them to get a profit. Then, gradually, he had a lot of money in his hands, which he could buy all the world companies and cities.

And even when he has a lot of money, he is still sitting there, at the corner of the street, in the pitiful form of a poor man and continues to beg for change. The climax of the ridiculous in the game is when he spends a lot of money to buy a distant planet.

I don’t know how they come up with this game but I can be sure that the meaning of the game is “you can’t judge a book by its cover”. You don’t know anything until the truth is revealed. Anything in this world can happen. Even a beggar becomes one of the richest billionaires on the planet.

MOD APK version of Beggar Life

Unlimited Money: You will get 100 mil per click.

Download Beggar Life MOD APK for Android

Experience the feeling of becoming the first billionaire beggar in the whole world. Do you want to try playing to understand what the concept of a “ridiculous game” is? Let play Beggar Life.

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