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Fall into a dreamless sleep

There are many apps that bring soothing sounds to help you fall asleep more easily. But to find a place that aggregates a lot of useful features into one place, I think only BetterSleep meets well.

The importance of deep sleep

Sleep is a state in which the body is at rest. At this time, conscious activities are temporarily delayed, muscles completely relax. Sleeping well will help you have a new day full of energy and extremely alert when you wake up.

Depending on age and location, each person will have a different need for a different number of hours of sleep. On average, an adult will need 7-8 hours of sleep each day. The older you get; the less sleep time tends to be. Deep sleep is sleep that must go through all four stages of the cycle without being interrupted by anything.

Sleep enough time but not deeply or sleep deeply but not enough can make you feel tired, headache, dizziness, heart palpitations, or poor concentration.

That’s why to be good for long-term comprehensive health, it is necessary to get a good night’s sleep.

The road to BetterSleep

Before, I did not realize the importance of this, so i just did whatever i wanted: stay up late playing games, sleep in all weekend… without knowing it was so harmful to my health. The older i get, the more i pay attention to my health and want to change. But being “haunted” by the habit of a few years ago, now it is difficult to sleep on time and wake up early.

After staying up late for two weeks, you will get dark circles under eyes. Your face will become lethargic, and your mind cannot keep awake. In general, there are hundreds of consequences.

That’s why now I’m here to tell you about BetterSleep, so that anyone who doesn’t know, needs to download and use it to treat insomnia.

RBetterSleep lulls you to sleep

Do you know why in the past, when a baby was small, his mother used to lull him to sleep? Because the lullaby had a melody. Surely no child will understand the deep sayings or intentions told in the lullaby. They were just listening to a sweet, rhyming sound, from a voice so familiar that it was easy to fall asleep. Adults who want to fall asleep need something similar: a tune.

The core principle of BetterSleep is to bring gentle, soothing melodies that lull the user’s soul and mind to sleep. From there, you can fall asleep in a natural and peaceful way. Melodies in BetterSleep can come from diverse ways.

You can mix your favorite sounds to create your own tune or simply use the Mix tool in BetterSleep, select a soundtrack along with the single, melodious sounds available in the app library such as rain falling, wind blowing, waves crashing, streams flowing, birds singing, white noise… That’s the unique sound belonging to you.

The sound library in BetterSleep is among the most abundant in the lulling apps I’ve ever known. Audio is divided into many categories and there are many options in each category. For instance, Nature sounds: wind, rustling leaves, birds, crackling fire; White noise: hair dryer, airplane, dryer, vacuum cleaner, fan noise; Sound of water: rainstorm, ocean, slow waves, lapping water; Meditation music: voices, instruments, ambient melodies; Isochronic brain waves: 2.5Hz, 4Hz, 5Hz, 8Hz, 10Hz, 20Hz; Binaural beat: 2.5Hz, 4Hz, 5Hz, 8Hz, 10Hz, 20Hz…

Extra set of features

BetterSleep has a pretty unique bedtime timer system. You just need to set the time according to your activity schedule. The application will automatically stop all sounds on the phone such as notifications of messages, emails, incoming calls, etc. When everything is calm, only the peaceful melody emanating from the application will make you slowly fall asleep.

Guided meditation and sleep meditation programs

BetterSleep has meditation exercises before bed with detailed instructions, background music, soothing scenery. Practicing a few breathing movements, a few scientific meditation postures like this is also one of the ways to lead to deep and correct sleep. BetterSleep features over 160 meditations designed specifically for people with sleep problems by Sleep Experts. These exercises are also divided into topics, you can customize according to your interests and feelings every day.

Topics include: Sleeping well, Getting Back to Sleep (used after waking up from something sudden and unable to fall back to sleep), Visualization, Gratitude, Tinnitus Relief, Stress Relief Straight, Anxiety, Deep Sleep. Afternoon nap, Dreamland…

BetterSleep is the only sleep app with bed time stories

This feature gathers so many stories that just turn it on, drop your soul into the world of stories with a deep voice in it, your body and mind will not be able to resist a good night’s sleep. Bedtime story topics in BetterSleep include Fairy tales, Mystery stories, Science fiction stories, Fantasy stories…

Thereby, users can adjust their breathing and sleeping sounds and for a long day of activity. The purpose of breathing regulation is to reduce anxiety, clear the mind so that the body can relax, helping to fall asleep more easily. Topics include Take a break for a while, Reduce stress, Clear your mind, Drowsy…

MOD APK version of BetterSleep

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Download BetterSleep MOD APK for Android

Honestly, I’ve never talked about a mobile app so much. BetterSleep is probably the first and only one because of the many practical benefits it brings to sleep. It is also the first application that I know of so many things in one. If you are having trouble relaxing your mind, relaxing your mind or having trouble sleeping, you should seek out BetterSleep right away.

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