Bilibili MOD APK v1.29.1

Bilibili APK is an application that any anime fan should have on their phone. Because it can “rummage” through all the nooks and crannies to bring you countless excellent anime movies of all time.

The World’s Largest Anime Community

Originating from China, bilibili has not only an art form but also many other interesting things for anime fans to visit and admire. With the largest population in the world, you know how big the Chinese anime community is.

The quantity must be definitely leading. And so, in bilibili, there are not only anime movies or general animations, but also cosplay gaming videos of all kinds of young people with the same passion.

Going up from the core of anime, but the app becomes prosperous thanks to diverse themes, rich forms, especially content that is always updated and has high interactivity when watching videos. I’m not surprised that although bilibili was born late, it has the second-largest audience among anime apps on Android.

Bilibili, where you can completely trust and send your love of anime

Just like a miniature social network, the apps of this function are so diverse. Finding and choosing an anime movie application to follow as a fan is not easy.

You know, there are quite a few apps like this on mobile platforms. Some apps are just a collection of Japanese comic books, some other apps, livelier, are where all kinds of anime films from different periods. So, do you have enough patience to try each of them to find one that fits you?

Moreover, once you’ve chosen and trusted an anime app, the more passionate you are, the deeper you dig into the app library. And what will you do if one day the developer is not profitable enough or, for some reason, stops updating new content? It takes a lot of effort to research, put in a playlist, and then familiarize yourself with the app operation, then it becomes a cloud of smoke in an instant.

I know many young people who are very passionate about anime but would rather rummage on Youtube than attach themself to an anime application. And of course, they still don’t know about bilibili.

A strong community, a strong commitment from the developer, and the openness itself (accepting all contributions and support from the community in terms of content) are what make you believe in the future and the long-term existence of the app. Users are also members who create content for the application and are part of the anime movie library in it.

It is also because of this way of working that when you enter bilibili, you will be overwhelmed in the application’s general store of anime and animation movies. All the hottest movies of all time are here. And it also has many titles that are not too famous worldwide but have their charm that is worth watching.

The community is large, of all ages, so that it has a large movie library of all periods is understandable (this is not easy to do in many other anime watching applications).

Knowing Chinese is an advantage

One of the downsides of bilibili is the language part. Because it is built and contributed by the Chinese community, most of the anime cartoons here use Chinese subtitles, and a few have English and Thai subtitles. Probably should label the notice like “Knowledge of Chinese is an advantage” for bilibili.

Any genre is available, any topic is not to be missed

Once again, the advantage of bilibili’s mass number of users and open design brings many interesting things. There are many contributors to build and collect content, each with their anime taste. So bilibili is extremely diverse in terms of anime themes, styles, and personalities. From classic cartoons, award-winning anime works, to anime videos, soundtrack videos, cosplay gaming… they are all there.

Talking about anime cartoons, in particular, the topics are extremely rich: romance, history, vampires, magic, school love… you can see whatever you want. Just by a light search, you will immediately find a lot of people with the same taste as you.

Offer new videos every day and send automatic notifications

Every day there are many new updates at bilibili. With such diverse data and fascinating topics, following bilibili is well worth it. And just press the Follow button, automatically bilibili will save your previous search history.

Then it shortly lists those searches according to your preferences, then sends notifications to you the latest movies with the same favorite style. In addition, every day there is an automatic notification of the new movie list of the day. You can immediately tap those messages to go straight to the new movie’s location. If you like this, then bookmark it and put it on the List to enjoy. 

High interaction, direct comments right during watching the movie

You know, few movie applications can do this function. So, when using bilibili, I was impressed by how people kept sending out comments while watching the movie. It looks like you’re watching a live stream on Facebook.

On the video viewing screen, you can also customize several other things such as choosing to change subtitles, rewind a segment, adjust the playback speed, and pause when needed.

Download Bilibili MOD APK now to enjoy Anime!

It is the richest anime movie watching application today, with a team of enthusiastic content contributors. Pursuing anime passion is now in the palm of your hand.

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