Blade & Soul M MOD APK v1.02.372.1

Fans of Blade & Soul games now have another interesting option when playing Blade & Soul M APK, a super MMORPG from Korean mobile game developer Netmarble. 


You play as a disciple of the ancient sect. Thought that life was going smoothly with the old master, the lovely and chivalrous fellow students, and the peaceful scenery of this place. Unexpectedly, one day, a series of events happened to you: the whole martial arts school was attacked, you got lost in Bamboo village and many strange events followed. The adventure to find out the truth of the person behind the plot to destroy the sect, who killed your master and friends, begins here.

And not only encapsulated in a personal feud, but the game will also take you to many vast romantic 3D lands, where you meet, make friends with many other heroes, or face the dark forces, join the fierce battlefield with more than 1000 mighty warriors, and finally enter the war of intrigue between two great factions with a scale that shocks the whole world. 

Images and sounds 

The image in the game is quite glittery. The character is true to swordplay, the male looks like a man, clean, pure, and the female is full of temperament and very sexy. Everyone’s movements are rhythmic and lively, especially the palm and air attacks in extremely eye-catching fights. 

The 3D scene in Blade & Soul M is very romantic, filled with the atmosphere of Asian swordplay. The branches of red leaves, the big wooden gate on the high mountain, or other familiar scenes that you may have seen somewhere in the old martial arts movies, are all here. Each fight takes place in a different scene, bringing poetic richness to this fighting role-playing game. 

One point I rarely mention but can’t stop praising in this game is the layout of the screen interface arranged very smartly. You can see, read, observe and deploy moves continuously to strike without any obstacles. The fighting process is therefore smoother and faster.

Most well-invested games have very attentive and detailed music. The sound in the game is just as good as the image. The voice acting of the character sounds great, especially the screams to get the momentum and prepare to strike.

The battle effects are amazing, the background music is loud, the flute, the drums, the classical is very heroic. I very much appreciate the feeling of excitement that the sound brings during the whole process of playing this game. 


Like the combat role-playing games of the Blade & Soul series with non-target fighting style, in addition to the usual fighting skills such as running, jumping, slashing… Blade & Soul M also has 3 more New skills for the character: Ulti, retreat ability, and ability to dodge enemies. These strange abilities are manually controlled by players, and basic fighting styles or skills can be automatically performed by the character. 

When it comes to automation, the AI ​​in the game has done quite well, at the level of creating comfort, reducing cumbersome operations for mobile players, but at the same time not get you too bored. When you choose a mission, the character will automatically run back and forth to do it, or when you choose the attack type, the character will automatically target and attack the opponent. This series of skills is displayed on the screen around boxes in the corner.

Any skill that has been used or is on cooldown will automatically be replaced by the next ability. This arrangement helps players both remember skills better and not be passive when fighting fast. The game even supports automatic switching to the right skill sets to fight enemies with corresponding abilities. 

And to make the process of playing even more interesting, the game also has the function of displaying serial skills, helping you quickly defeat the enemy. For example, when you are about to hit an enemy that is stunned, you will see 2 finishing skills showing as knocking to the ground or fainting. This auto-rendering skill is very useful if you’re playing as a teammate, who can support each other and knock out enemies in the blink of an eye.

Download Blade & Soul M  MOD APK for Android

Blade & Soul M is an MMORPG, role-playing battle in a magical 3D environment. The story is interesting, the gameplay is both easy and attractive, with the auto but you still have to be the one to take the initiative every step of the way. You must play if you are a fan of swordplay games. 

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