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Introduce about Blood Kiss MOD APK

If you were surrounded by handsome vampires, what would you do?

What is Blood Kiss?

Blood Kiss is essentially an Otome-style interactive simulation game, meaning it is exclusively for female players. Based on the progression, it will provide dramatic or romantic situations. And you, the player, are also a girl who will rely on her hunch, personality, and heart to choose specific options.

These choices will gradually lead you to many different turns of the relationship between you and other characters in the game. And of course, in that romance, there are usually 3 or even 4, 5 attractive male characters surrounding you, each with a unique look. All of them possess deadly handsome appearances and immense temperament, being man models that attract thousands of girls.

The story of love and vampires

You are a young girl living a hard life. Every passing day is a series of working again and again as you have to carry the terrible debt left by your Father. One day, you suddenly received a mysterious offer, like a gift some fairy had mercifully bestowed on you after a series of tiring days: A job whose salary can help you completely terminate the remaining debt immediately.

You decided to take this rare opportunity. But you didn’t know how complicated things would be and how your life would turn from that moment.

However, then you quickly found out that the place you work in was a world of vampires. The company and property that these people were holding have too many secrets. You didn’t know what it did and the purpose behind it. You just know that the humans present there were all vampires but were extremely handsome vampires.

  • Dayn, the company’s chief executive officer, was always apathetic, mysterious, and of a noble vampire lineage. Dayn said he would give you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and that was the reason why you should work here.
  • Gray, Dayn’s partner, was haunted by the thought that one day, vampire blood would take over his whole body and turn him into a monster. This romantic vampire sometimes said thoughtfully: “I don’t have the courage, whether to kill you or save you.”
  • Ruel, who was always embarrassed because of his mysterious background, so often acted strangely and behaved differently. This handsome romantic vampire was obsessed with the energy that was always overflowing in you and wanted to have you by all means.
  • Eden, Dayn’s powerful right-hand man, the vampire guy seemed very simple but turned out to be extremely deep inside. This mysterious boy, a vampire full of thoughts in his head, only uttered 3 words “I want you”.

And you also found out the real reason you were there. There was no fairy or miracle. Only because you ran into one of them by accident and saw something, making them all assume that you knew about that secret vampire lair (while you didn’t even think about it at all). So they decided that “it’s best to keep the enemy close to us” and you’ve been drawn to here purposefully.

Your personality, energy, and inherent charm of a young naive girl slowly transformed the vampire boys there, making their feelings for you grow day by day. The mind-battle that seemed to have ended in confinement for you, then turned out to be a complex relationship of 4 or even 5 people. You were the center, the source of all torment and affection there.

It is the plot. And now, who you will choose, who you will put your heart and faith in, how the other will face this… all depend on your decision. Can love overcome the darkness of vampire identity and the emotional trauma in each guy, in different ways? You will find the answer for yourself when playing this fascinating interactive novel game.

How to play

Like many other interactive games, the only thing you need to do is to follow the story, put yourself in the girl’s shoes, and make choices in the necessary situations. Your choices will be following your thoughts, aspirations, and personality. The closer your decision is to your true reaction, the more dramatic and true the ending will be for you.

Hey, my ladies! Let’s read, enjoy a good story, with each knot continuously opening! Let’s be happy and sad with the girl! Let’s experience very personal sobs that only you can sympathize with! Let’s choose to go to your ultimate destiny! I do believe that even when you play it again, you may be in an adventure of discovering another corner of your soul, where the way to it may be very different from the previous play.

MOD APK version of Blood Kiss

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Well, who wants to ignite the fire of love? Who is looking for a destined love? Who wants to let passion lead the way for the heart, or simply wants to try an interactive Otome to see how attractive it is? Come here! For any reason, you should never ignore this fascinating game!

Why? Because if you ignore it, you may miss a lot of reasons to love.

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