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Introduce about Bloons TD 5MOD APK

Ninja Kiwi is one of the famous developers in the Tower Defense category. The paid game series Bloons TD has earned them many reputations, with the ambition to become a leader on the Android gaming market. And in this article, I will start with Bloons TD 5, one of the most prominent and popular versions.

The story

Bloons TD 5 is about the battle against balloons of monkey warriors. The Monkey Kingdom used to be very peaceful until strange things happened continuously. Someone brought poisonous balloons into the kingdom to destroy the life of creatures and trees. A large area of the kingdom was devastated.

Now, warriors must now block these balloons, if they don’t want death to come to their kingdom.


In each level, the balloons keep moving in the monkey kingdom. You will be the one to stop them. And to be able to do that, you are provided with weapons and the help of monkey warriors.

When a level starts, choose a weapon or a monkey warrior on the left side of the screen. Then, you arrange them into areas on the map. They will automatically break the balloons, whenever they detect them within the attack range.

Thus, the gameplay of Bloons TD 5 has two issues that you need to understand if you want to play better. Firstly, the monkey weapons and warriors are the main forces protecting the monkey kingdom, and you need the best types to enhance the performance of the battle.

Second, you need to pay attention to where you put the monkey warriors. The map of the game limits the area, while the path of the balloons is fixed. You will have to place your warriors to save space and cover the moving area of the target. In my opinion, you should put the monkeys in positions that can attack more than one turn.

Develop your tactics

Strategy is the core of the tower defense games. And Bloons TD 5 places more emphasis on this factor when the levels including many rounds. After each round, the balloons become denser and move faster. If your warriors are not properly organized, they cannot fight with the highest performance. And that leads to the balloons passing through the defences, entering the kingdom, causing you to fail.

I chose the easy level for the first time to experience this game. At first, I arranged the monkey weapons and warriors at the gate – where the balloons started to move. It works pretty well and helps me get past round 30 easily. But soon, I discovered some weaknesses of a dense force arrangement at one location. Once a balloon passes through this defense, it can enter inside without any resistance.

Right after that, I reorganized my forces more evenly, on the entire map. The turning points are also arranged denser, and this is a quite effective solution.

Of course, in addition to the above, you can create more optimal tactics, depending on the texture of the map, the properties of the balloons and their paths.


There are a variety of weapons, from machine guns, cannons, rockets, bombers, to nail factories. Each of them offers different combat effects, based on fire rate, coverage and firepower. You need to choose the right weapon for the balloons you are about to face. The system will give warnings about their properties in the next round, every time you complete the current round.

For example, Black and White balloons. When broken, they will produce four small balloons. Meanwhile, the screw factory will be very useful, when they will throw the screws on the road. The balloons which passing will explode.

In another case, I faced red balloons with amazingly fast-moving speed. I think I should use weapons with a high rate of fire, combined with high-coverage weapons to destroy them.

Of course, there are many more challenges. You can learn their properties to devise an appropriate tactic.


Bloons TD 5 is a fascinating game with lots of modes. You can choose mode, map selection, difficulty level before starting a level.

Besides, the game also offers a variety of activities such as daily quests, special missions, events, random gift boxes and laboratories for you to explore.

MOD APK version of Bloons TD 5

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You have a lot of money in the game.

Download Bloons TD 5 MOD APK for Android

If you are looking for a tower defense game with attractive gameplay, you should once experience Bloons TD 5 to know how interesting it is. Of course, this is not the only option, you can also try the final version of the series is that I have introduced before.

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