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Introduce about Botworld AdventureMOD APK

The game world has a pretty cool concept called Bot. It is unlike NPCs who are AI-controlled side characters and can have their own lives and stories separate from the main character. The Bot is a character that is simulated like a player and is controlled by AI. The pleasure of playing a game with Bots is that you can have your own battle plan, while the bots will be substitutes in the form of effigies. They help you fill in the gaps in your army following your strategy and then launch a move. 

If you want to experience a typical Bot game, you can find this fast-paced role-playing game: Botworld Adventure. 


Botworld Adventure is an open-world RPG. In which, you play as a personified animal character (one of four animals: cat, dog, buffalo, and lizard) who has a passion for collecting Bots in the magical world of Botworld. You will start with small bots that are the relics left by your parents, and then you will slowly collect other Bot species throughout your adventure. 

You will explore the large, beautiful world called Botworld where you can search for diverse and powerful Bot strains, try to conquer them, enlist rare materials, and admire the vast open space around. And of course, behind you is a powerful Bot army that is both your companion and powerful weapon against other ferocious Bots in this world. 

And remember that when winning any Bot, you will immediately capture and have it in your Bot ranks. So, fighting is the key to equipment, and vice versa. 

How to play 

This game is conceptually quite similar to Pokemon when it also revolves around finding and collecting different species who are Bots, instead of Pokemon. The principle is that you use the Bots you already have (usually the type available is small with nothing too special) to fight and capture the bigger Bots, and then tame and turn them into your new powerful ones. Then you continue to use them to find and catch even stronger Bots. The loop continues until you reach the last step on the vast Botworld map. 

Botworld Adventure is not the type of fighting only with chopping and slashing all the time, it is very tactical. The tactical element has been shown first in your layout and placement of Bots on the battlefield. The Bots are, of course, not controlled by you, but by the game’s AI, but it is up to you to choose and place them to fight in each battle. You can also use other bonuses from successful Bots to give your Bots more advantages. This is the key to victory and shows your tactical mastery. 

Your favorite Bots can be upgraded and customized using a system of materials obtained on the way or accumulated points by conquering new Bots. The higher the Bot is upgraded, the better it works, the more definitively and neatly it takes down the enemy. Don’t worry about running out of Bots to play. Because currently Botworld Adventure has more than 10 different scenes with more than 30 unique Bot types, and it will be continuously updated in the near future. 

How will the Bot fight when entering the battle? 

When entering each battle, you will get up to 3 Bots to fight directly with the enemy in a circle you shall have predefined. From different angles, the 3 Bots will continuously launch attacks to stun the enemy. Being outside the circle, you will both observe the situation and launch powerful finishing moves. Be sure to keep a close eye on the health column on top of each of your Bots (in blue) and of the enemy (in other colors).

If you see that the Bot is weak and about to “die”, you must launch a rescue move immediately. If all the Bots die, there is a high chance the monster will jump out of the circle and deal with you. Each Bot will be able to jump, stun, and explode for a short distance. Each one will also have a unique ability depending on the species, and a pretty strong ultimate move. You can combine attacks with these attacks of the Bots. And in the final, the Bots’ ultimate and yours at the same time can cause the enemy to lose a lot of health. 

Well, your character also has its own unique moves. The three main moves are displayed on the right side of the screen. These are impressively strong with their own damage abilities. However, sadly, the cooldown is extremely slow. That’s why you need an army of Bots to support you. 

Where is the final destination? 

Just like Pokemon, this game has no endpoint. But it has a clear purpose to reach. You shall collect more and more rare and powerful Bots to make your army epic and truly invincible. And the work is many times more when you have to constantly find ways to upgrade your strong Bots and your average Bots. This is a very long journey that requires you to constantly learn and fight.

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Botworld Adventure has clear, detailed visuals which lie somewhere in the middle of fun and seriousness. It will let you immerse yourself in entertainment but cannot ignore the importance of making strategy constantly. A good game, with cheerful colors, lots of energy, fast and neat gameplay, and extremely great Bots, will make your experience very interesting. 

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