Brain Story: Tricky Puzzle MODAPK v0.1.2

Introduce about Brain Story: Tricky PuzzleMOD APK

Blow your mind with Brain Story – Tricky Puzzle!


Brain Story: Tricky Puzzle is a tricky puzzle game that balances the player’s judgment and logical reasoning ability. The game offers hundreds of different puzzles in the form of a 2D cartoon-style picture. And you, through closely observing the information obtained from the image, plus sharp logical reasoning, along with your rich life, will have to answer the question displayed at the top of each picture.

Brain Story: Tricky Puzzle has all kinds of tricky questions. You must use all your concentration and quick reflexes to choose the correct answer before time runs out.

You have to unleash your imagination, let go of common sense barriers

Concentration is essential, but the biggest secret when playing Brain Story: Tricky Puzzle is don’t answer in the usual way. Try a new way of looking at the problem, try to ask the opposite question. Always ask yourself and consider your options, arguing for yourself to find the correct answer, most unique.

Because if you just think simply, answer according to the task, or think too common, you will be cheated, pranked in Brain Story: Tricky Puzzle.

Controls in Brain Story: Tricky Puzzle are very simple.

Graphics and sound

The graphics of Brain Story: Tricky Puzzle are the images equivalent to the puzzles given by the game. All are cartoon drawings with Vivid, colorful, and many drawing styles, rich objects, and subjects. The art here is in a single still image but it implies, conceals the messages on it subtly, leaving the player has to think and judge.

The sound is fun and there are many effects during play. A fairly slight boost that boosts mood when needed and taunts players funnily when they answer wrong. Although not too complicated, even somewhat simple compared to modern mobile games, the sound of Brain Story: Tricky Puzzle has done its job very well.

Train your logic skill

The levels in Brain Story: Tricky Puzzle are arranged by levels from easy to difficult. When playing and exiting, the game will automatically save so that when you resume you can start over at your correct level. This approach makes it easy for both new and old to integrate. The mind also sharpens slowly without panicking because it’s too difficult or getting bored with being too predictable.

Exercises for the mind

Through fun prank puzzles, Brain Story: Tricky Puzzle will increase your thinking skills and bring you a new brain-pushing experience. The times of failure, guessing the wrong answer, and being “ridiculous” by the crunchy sounds in the game will make you more determined. The mind then has to be slow and slow to observe deeply, in detail, and reason more in the next time. Thereby improving memory, improving thinking ability, and the ability to connect data.

And yet, the process of playing also helps you realize some cool things in life that you may have missed in real life.

For example, a picture of two girls: Miss A: wearing a long flowing skirt, her hourglass figure is as beautiful as a dream. Miss B is equally elegantly dressed with a pair of very high slits. The question is “Who is fake?”. You will be confused so much when playing Brain Story: Tricky Puzzle because of such tantalizing situations.

The answer will make you nod and realize that sometimes you are not so profound in everyday life. Miss B is the real girl, Miss A is the fake. The high-heeled skirt that A is wearing just hides a pair of hairy legs.

Should play Brain Story: Tricky Puzzle or not?

In short, should you play Brain Story: Tricky Puzzle? The answer is of course YES, if you want to test your acumen, find the smartest answers, or just want to exercise your mind every day.

Download Brain Story: Tricky Puzzle APK for Android

Brain Story: Tricky Puzzle currently has more than 100 different levels with all kinds of questions and situations from fascinating to grotesque, unpredictable. This is both a tonic for the mind and the healthiest gentle spiritual pleasure that anyone can access anytime, anywhere.

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