Brave Soul: Frozen DungeonMOD APK v10.0

Introduce about Brave Soul: Frozen DungeonMOD APK

The card strategy RPG about the war between the Titans!

The game will be one of the epic Titan-themed card games that you want to keep on your device to play for a long time.

Not only has beautiful 2D visuals mixed with brilliant chibi style, but the game is also an attractive general card experience with many personality characters. Every character has boundless power and special abilities, promising a fierce battle epic.


The Dark Titan planned to use its evil powers to gather hordes of monsters everywhere to take over the world. The first thing they did was to make the world chaotic, and force humanity to fall into fear and separation. Titans from all continents of the world had to work together to destroy the evil army and lock the evil energy deep underground, thereby returning peace to the world.


When playing Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon, you will have the opportunity to play the role of the mighty Titans. In turn, you collect champion cards representing many Titans and combine each one’s extraordinary and strange powers to win against the evil army.

The game offers more than 100 different heroes. The process of collecting these legendary Titan warriors takes place according to the plot. Each time you complete a quest, you will unlock a new hero from various continents. An army of heroes opens, and you will be the leader of them all, using the power of everyone to weaken the evil as the original goal.

Each hero also belongs to a certain class. According to the division of the class, each class will have its own advantage. Some heroes are strong in defense, others are better at ranged or close combat.

After each victory, you will receive many items and experience points for the heroes. This will be the basis to increase the strength of the heroes. Not only the strength, but each Titan also has different equipment and costumes, divided by many levels. When each level is upgraded, Titan changes in form, appearance, equipment, and even power level.

In general, the gameplay is quite classic, and the control is not too complicated. But to go long and go deep, you need to have good tactical thinking. To complete a combat mission, there must be a clear strategy about the path (whether to attack or defend), and the use of a hero at each moment.

Try to get the best squad order when fighting each opponent. Because in each squad, you can only have a maximum of 5 characters. Among more than 100 characters the game offers, you will choose some characters to form their own strengths, personalities, and skills together into a mighty unity. Then, after being upgraded, try to take advantage of all the items, active strength, and new weapons and equipment of the character, in the context of coordination with other Titans of the squad. That is the biggest challenge for players.

Game mode

Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon has many features for you to freely experience: Mission System, Boss Battle, Ranking System, PVP Battlefield, Guild, Tower Climb. Each has a place for you to show off your fighting skills and strategy.

You can participate in dungeon wars, overcome obstacles, and win enemies. Make sure you never stop looking to receive valuable rewards and a series of upgrades for the Titans in the team.

Interspersed with big battles will be a series of mini-games. You will be relaxed with lots of fun side activities for the Titans such as fishing, bricklaying… Don’t miss these little games as they can help you collect many valuable items that will be useful for you in upcoming wars.

Download Brave Soul: Frozen DungeonMOD APK for Android

The game is not too noisy or too outstanding in all aspects, but its aspects are all smooth and well combined with each other. If you like strategic battles RPG with general cards, you should not ignore Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon.

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