Bravo Cleane MOD APK v1.3.0.1001

Bravo Cleaner APK is an app that cleans and frees up space on phones and tablets. From there, the system memory is cleaner and more organized, the machine has more capacity, runs quieter, and cooler, and saves battery life than before.Amazing Android phone cleaner app!

What is Bravo Cleaner?

Bravo Cleaner is an Android phone cleaner app. Without side utilities or extra features, Bravo Cleaner only focuses on one thing: cleaning up your phone. Bravo Cleaner specifically aims to do this well, automatically other benefits from here appear: increase computer speed, download files faster, cool down phone CPU, save battery by freeing up capacity.

What files and data can Bravo Cleaner delete?

This app can clear cache files to optimize your phone storage space.

Some apps such as TikTok, WhatsApp, and Facebook have very large capacities. Bravo Cleaner can identify these space-consuming sources and automatically cleans effectively, or offers solutions for you to select and delete data as you wish.

Apps that are on your phone but have never been used or have a very low frequency of use will also be included in Bravo Cleaner’s statistics list so you can choose to delete or keep them.

Duplicate photos, and videos, have the same background, take HDR, animation, or photos in the same series, photos are completely dark, can’t be seen clearly, are blurred also can be deleted automatically by Bravo Cleaner.

In general, Bravo Cleaner can automatically scan and clean phone memory, application cache, junk files, RAM, and temporary files of SNS applications, thus freeing up storage space and increasing the speed and efficiency of phone performance.

Speed ​​up every task on your phone

Bravo Cleaner booster can effectively free up your device’s mobile memory in real-time, clean ram, and optimize space by deleting junk files in bulk, cache data, APK files, and browser history if needed. The space is freed, and the memory is not occupied to load too many things, from which the web browsing process, performing all tasks on mobile will be processed faster. And so speed up the operation of the device.

CPU Cooler & Phone Cooler

When memory is used up too much, your device is like a horse that always struggles to drag each step because it has to carry too many things. When having to run many apps at the same time, phones will often get hot. That’s why when you first bought it, it was okay to use it all day, but later, just using the device for a few hours was already hot.

When using Bravo Cleaner to clean up the phone memory, it can usefully detect and kill background apps to cool down CPU temperature, lower your phone’s temperature, and keep your device cool get too hot.

Save battery & extend battery life

When always under stress and working hard 24/7, the phone will gradually wear out, the battery will drain faster and the battery life will also suffer a lot. Bravo Cleaner can intelligently monitor and analyze battery usage. It also can close battery-hungry apps in time to help save battery life and prolong device battery life.

Download Bravo Cleaner MOD APK for Android

Bravo Cleaner is a useful way to save more space for your mobile with junk cleaner, phone booster, CPU cooler, battery saver and smart app cleaner, and photo cleaner. With just a simple touch of the screen, you can bring a lot of short-term and long-term benefits to your phone.

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