Bullet Force MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo) v1.88.1

Bullet Force MOD APK is a first-person shooter game of the publisher Blayze Games, which is considered a quality action game, high speed, and beautiful images . FPS PVP Multiplayer Action


In the game, you will be able to choose your warrior. If you play online team mode, you have to wait a bit for finding a match with other players. During that time you can practice shooting for a while in Gun Games mode.

This FPS shooter is not a game that can be played well after a short time, but you need a lot of practice, surpassing yourself to overcome strong opponents.

The warriors in Bullet Force are equipped with powerful types of equipment. In turn through victories, you will have the opportunity to experience up to 20 types of guns (guns, pistols, AK-47s, assault rifles…) and 30 types of accessories from normal scopes, laser scopes until the silencer, armor-piercing shell…

The interesting of Bullet Force is that you can freely edit and shape the weapons until you like them. This customization is done through the available gun customization packages or gradually opens up through the game rounds.

The combat scenes of this game are quite complex. You will go through many different scenes: massive buildings, mansions with many angles, rooftops of a building, underground sewers… The fighting process and difficulty of each scene are heavily influenced by the environment.

Obstacles on the road, hidden nooks, and crannies will bring you both opportunities and threats. Those who take advantage of the terrain’s strengths and quickly identify the disadvantages will be more likely to win the battle.

During the game, you can freely change your tactics and gameplay, as long as you become the last survivor and win the game. You can shoot directly in close combat with a nearby target, surrounded by no shielding equipment, or when encountering complex terrain with many hidden nooks and crannies, you should consider playing sniper stealth and guerrilla shooting.

In addition to the main mission, sometimes you also have to face special missions given by the game. When these missions appear, they will always come with extremely attractive rewards, promising to quickly obtain super-powerful weapons and equipment that would normally have to go through a lot of difficulties to unlock.

MOD APK version of Bullet Force

MOD feature

Unlimited Ammo

Every game mode is challenging

Bullet Force will bring you to fierce shooting battles on the battlefields. With a total of 4 modes: Team Deathmatch, Conquest, Free-For-All, and Gun Game, Bullet Force offers you a wide range of exciting, dramatic shooting genres that are enough to satisfy any shooting fan.

Team Deathmatch is a team of up to 16 people maxes on a large open battlefield. Conquest mode will have a series of missions according to the campaign, which requires you to follow them seriously and earn rewards when completed. Free for All mode is unlimited free for players to play.

Finally, Gun Games mode is for practicing shooting skills with small minigames to train eyes, practice reflexes, and how to use in-game actions. Those who have never played through a shooting game can get used to it slowly in this practice mode and then slowly switch to the remaining attractive game modes in the game.

In particular, the strength of Bullet Force is the team Multiplayer mode which players can fight with 19 other players at the same time. This number for a mobile shooter must be said to be too impressive.

And yet, Bullet Force can also be played offline with a solo mode according to the predefined difficulty. This is a rare ability on a mobile shooter with such great graphics and complex gameplay.

Graphics and sound

The background, characters, and impressive effects in Bullet Force are enhanced with 3D Unity Engine technology. So players may be surprised to see explosive matches, haunting deadly situations, and warriors move flexibly and accurately.

The image in Bullet Force can be said to not lose to any FPS shooter on PC.

I especially like the perspective in the game. There are many maps for the game modes, not boring is the first one. The second one, although many, but each map is built very beautifully, in detail, and very similar to real life, from colors to the proportions of items and the placement of objects.

Explosion effects, the thunderous sound of bullet storms, and the sound of hurried footsteps constantly resounding, will make you can’t take your eyes off the game.

Download Bullet Force MOD APK for Android

Bullet Force is a high-quality graphic shooter game, playing both offline and online with up to 16 people, for those who are a fan of shooter games, you should play this amazing game right away.

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