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Stick man is a familiar character to us. In childhood, we often draw these characters in books or notebooks. With just a few pen strokes, we can easily create a warrior, a scientist or some interesting character.

This character is also an inspiration for publishers to create their games with different genres. ZITGA PTE has been successful with an RPG game called , Orangenose Studio with its (sports game). Besides, Gamevil’s tower defense game series called Cartoon Wars is also very noticeable.

Classic tower defense game

That right. The gameplay of Cartoon Wars 3 is based on the standard of a classic tower defense game. On the horizontal screen, you and the enemy correspond to two towers opposite each other, and of course both kingdoms only want to end the neighboring kingdom by war. Your mission is to summon the army, the warriors you have to attack or stop the enemy’s attack.

Tactics are an important part of tower defense games. You don’t need to do much other than choosing the warriors you want and they will automatically fight the enemy. As a commander, you need to learn each type of opponent’s warriors to find the most suitable strategy, call the warriors at the right time to use their power in the best way. The game will end when one of the towers is destroyed, and trust me, you definitely don’t want to be that one.

Cartoon Wars 3 offers you a wide variety of warriors. From warriors to archers, zombies, and even giant robots. There are hundreds of characters to choose from, explore the skills and power of each character.

New modes

  • Raid: Fight with other online players. After finishing the game, you can get many spoils and powers to strengthen your army.
  • Siege: Before starting the match, you choose 7 strongest warriors and participate in battles with other teams. Successive enemies attack, your mission is to keep your defense as long as possible.
  • Team Battle: This is a mode that does not require mana to fight. Players create a squad of four warriors and participate in 4v4 matches to collect valuable rewards.
  • Summon: Completely new features. This feature allows players to collect warriors that the game provides and use them to fight enemies. You can also upgrade and equip runes for warriors with items that the game provides during the battle.

Fight and receive rewards

In addition to these modes, Cartoon Wars 3 also has more than 200 levels with increasing difficulty to challenge your fighting ability. Right now, tactics are not enough. You need to level up and equip the runes for the characters so they have the power to fight the enemy.

Besides, Expedition mode is where you use “forgotten” warriors to gain experience points and many other attractive rewards. Some features like Bonus Roulette and Chests also give you the opportunity to receive valuable items. Do not miss!

Simple graphics

With a stick man themed game, we can hardly expect a game with realistic graphics and high image quality. The graphics of Cartoon Wars 3 are simply designed with scribbles but have been improved quite well compared to the previous two parts. The bright colors of the game bring a pleasant feeling to the players. Besides, the combat effects of the warriors are also impressive and there are some highlights.

Download Cartoon Wars 3 APK for Android

After many years, Gamevil’s tower player series has confirmed its name in the mobile gaming market. With noticeable changes in gameplay and graphics, this game promises to be more successful than what the previous two parts ever did. Are you ready to join the kingdom protection war in Cartoon Wars 3?

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