Cat Force MOD APK(Unlimited Money/Energy) v0.50.0

Introduce about Cat ForceMOD APK

You’ve played many Match 3 games and thought most of them were boring repetitions. With those games, you just look for the same color, try to mix 3, 4 or even 5, 6 together to make them disappear and different color challenges appear again from the top down. When it piles up, Game over! The principle of Match 3 games seems to have been unchanged forever, only the way to apply, refresh and include interesting details will be the vital spice for this game genre.

And if you ever doubted the attractiveness and sophisticated versatility of a Match 3 game, you must try this game: Cat Force.

Cat Force will take you to an intense battle between cat warriors and evil black cats. The world of Catopia, which was only ruled by cats, has now been attacked and fallen into the conspiracy of the ugly Black Cat race. All cat breeds will gather together, using their own strength and abilities to fight against the ferocious Cat enemy.

Tactics are very high in this basic Match 3 game

The game’s Match 3 challenge team will be a mighty cat army, in which each color represents a different special force and strength, from ability of melee attacks to ranged attacks. In the game, by successfully matching 3, you can create super combos, such as coordinated attacks near and far, with both swords and guns that make enemies unable to react.

For example, when the Red Cat heroes gather, they will be able to fight the bad cats in close combat, while the 3 Blue Cat soldiers will exploit the power of swords and slash the enemies. If by just one move and you get a row of 3 blue cats and a row of 3 red cats, you will have 2 hits both far and close to the bad cats. The victory will be faster. This is also a hidden tactic of Cat Force.

What’s attractive about gameplay?

Each puzzle level is a different battlefield. The enemies are all from the Cat race but are different, sometimes in the left squad, sometimes in the right squad, clustered, or scattered somewhere throughout the battlefield, or many times it can be a fat Cat boss in the middle of the battlefield. Whoever you are, you also have to fight your best and match 3 skillfully continuously so that they don’t stop getting hit. Try to get at least a match 3 with each move. If you stop too long or fail to match the colors, the enemy will go deeper and deeper into the kingdom and Catopia will quickly be invaded.

In addition, you can also upgrade the lovely cat warriors by accumulating points, choosing new skills for the cat army, thereby improving combat ability and damage. This is also the first match 3 game in mobile history that adds skill bonuses to characters. It is this feature that has helped Cat Force not only stop at a color matching game but also a tactical game. In which the player immerses himself in each confrontation, even without the need for any bloody battles.

And we also have the most powerful Booster stages with different types of rockets. Each rocket has its effect and a very wide range of damage. Whenever you see them, take advantage of them quickly, as much as you can because those are golden opportunities.

Finally, sometimes, we will have free spins, which is also a form of quick match 3. If you successfully match any item, you will be rewarded with that item, mostly gold coins, soldiers or elixir useful for the process of attacking the enemy.

New game modes in Cat Force

In Cat Force, you can play solo vs. AI to enjoy the feeling of fighting with your mighty Cat army. Or you can also play with many other online players in the extremely exciting real-time PvP mode. When you are tired of fighting too much, play the Saga map for a new wind. Here you will overcome obstacles, fight enemies, defeat bosses and restore the villages of the kingdom of Catopia. 


It has cute 2D images with bright colors, some small visual effects where the cute cat on the screen will raise their hands and wave at you when you are considering the move. The match 3 effect is impressive. When the match is finished, the cats will immediately attack the enemy, which is very eye-catching. And in my opinion, it is this “post-match 3” phase that brings excitement and big difference to Cat Force.

MOD APK version of Cat Force

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Energy

Download Cat Force MODAPK for Android

In a nutshell, if you fall in love with color matching genres like Candy Crush Saga or Bejeweled and have an inexplicable love for cats, you must play Cat Force at least once. The game is both a classic Match 3, and a combination of light role-playing where cute combat and deep strategy are shown clearly. Well, it is worth the experience, everyone.

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