CCleaner MOD APK (Professional Unlocked) v6.4.0

Smart junk removal and unexpected phone speeding-up!

What does CCleaner help?

CCleaner is an application that helps you remove junk and clean cache for your phone. You may not imagine how much this mess makes your device sluggish. If you don’t believe me, download CCleaner to clean up your phone. After that, restart your phone and surf the web or do any other operation to see how faster it is.

This cleaning job seems simple. However, anyone who has ever cleaned the messy house may know. It’s extremely difficult. To get everything in place, you must go through the process of sorting, considering each item carefully, deciding which ones to keep and which ones to throw away, then cleaning the remaining ones, and finally putting the items in the storage in the desired order after filtering out the unnecessary

. CCleaner cleaning process operates the same steps. CCleaner’s smart cleaning is highly appreciated by users. Let’s see how CCleaner does it!

CCleaner can scan and analyze hard drive status

With built-in AI recognition technology, the CCleaner will first help you scan the entire phone and report the current situation in terms of capacity. It will let you know which part is taking up the most space, which part has the most frequency of use… This information is not for fun but will be the basis for you to confidently choose files, folders, and problematic albums, then put them in the filter list to save space on your phone.

After reporting the status, it will automatically find duplicate and unused files and start to remove junk automatically for the owner.

Do you know why every phone, through the process of use, becomes sluggish even though its capacity is quite large? The main reason is that you copied duplicate files, images, videos, or downloaded files many times without knowing, and also,

many files are always there but never (and will never be) used. The capacity is, therefore, wasted too much, leading to the slow-down of the device. The key feature of CCleaner is to solve these problems. CCleaner has great ability of self-scanning, filtering, and searching for files of the above types (duplicate, junk files, unused files). 

And if you allow Ccleaner, it will automatically delete these files within a note. However, this automatic junk removal feature, in my opinion, should be used after you read through the detailed capacity analysis from CCleaner.

Take a close look at the rarely used file parts and then decide what to let CCleaner do automatically and what you can do yourself. Make sure not to mistakenly delete important files you may forget their presence on the phone for a long time.

CCleaner can eradicate junk completely

Deleting a file, folder, or application on the phone is not just simply deleting the icon on the screen. If you do it manually, you need to find out their origin and then delete them completely. However, with CCleaner, the file is deleted at the root once you choose to remove it. It ensures you get back the maximum capacity of the device.

Censorship of applications

Normally, users may not care much about this feature because most people think that the device is heavy due to many files. But in fact, this feature is so necessary. It will help limit programs running in the background (of course, we do not know those programs), which arise when browsing the web and doing tasks on the phone

. Thereby, it helps to save space and improve the work performance of the phone a lot. Sometimes, the cleaned phone space from this section is more than from deleting files, images, and videos.

CCleaner also has Hibernate feature that you can use to stop applications from running in the background until they open manually. This feature is helpful so that you can actively select applications while still saving overall space.

MOD APK version of CCleaner

MOD feature

Professional Unlocked: All paid features are unlocked.

Download CCleaner MOD APK for Android

In short, CCleaner will help you clean up your phone and remove duplicate and unused files and folders. It assists you in freeing up the phone space and surfing the web faster and lighter. Let’s give your smartphones a new appearance cleaner and tidier!

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