Chomp SMS MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) v8.55

Chomp SMS MOD APK is a messaging app with unique extras that replaces the original SMS/MMS feature on Android.

Why do you need an alternative messaging app for Android?

Some people do not want to use the default messaging app available on Android anymore because they want a change, or they do not like the monotonous interface, or they want a more flexible and personalized app, or they wish for a fresh interface with subtle colors, beautiful fonts, and quality icon sets.

And if you have some of the above reasons, you should try an app like Chomp SMS as it has almost all the features for your needs.

What is Chomp SMS?

This is an extremely smart messaging alternative with a lot of customizations so you can use it instead of Android’s built-in SMS/MMS.

Extensive customization capabilities for messages and phone numbers

One of the compelling capabilities of this app is its extensive customization. You can use a passcode and set privacy options for all messages or specific phone numbers. You can also choose to send messages on a predefined schedule, pin your favorite messages to the top of the list, select phone numbers to block SMS from them, create and customize signatures for each message, choose quick tab display mode to display messages right on lock screen, create messaging groups…

It is highly customizable, helping you deeply intervene in the messaging process. The app’s functions mentioned above not only make your usage process more convenient but also give you new excitement when texting. With this app, you will be much more proactive when chatting.

External customizations

Chomp SMS also offers many options for the image library and other customizations. You can sort by time the images used in the messaging process… Or you can customize unlimitedly: change the color of the notification light, change the ringtone, choose the vibration type when receiving the messages, change the screen color, font style, font size, and background image for each message…

Most of the features for messages can be customized via Chomp SMS according to the user’s preferences. It gives you the best freedom and comfort, enhancing your creativity and excitement in the process of using it.

Rich emojis

One of the cool things about texting is emojis. With Chomp SMS, you can have a collection of over 3000 emojis of all styles: the latest on Android, Twitter, Emoji One & iOS. There are also a ton of skins to choose from for your messaging system. You just need to open it and choose any emoji you want.

Chomp SMS works well with Yappy, Pushbullet, MightyText, and Android Wear for on-screen replies and notifications. Optional features are expected to be invested more in the future, promising any user will love it and stick to it for a long time on mobile.

Chomp SMS is just a compact application, it does not take up much memory nor drain the battery, but its effect is extremely powerful. It not only helps you be more active in the process of texting on your mobile but also helps to increase your excitement when using the device with the best private security.

MOD APK version of Chomp SMS

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

Download Chomp SMS MOD APK for Android

If you are bored with the default SMS/MMS feature on Android and are interested in such a great alternative, you can download Chomp SMS to use right here.

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