Class of the Living Dead MODAPK (Free Premium Choice, No Ruby Comsume) v2.1.8

Introduce about Class of the Living DeadMOD APK

Class of the Living Dead is the next love visual novel genre by Genius Studio Japan. Sometimes we are so busy with our modern jobs that we forget one of the things that make us happy, is dating.

Building a serious relationship, sharing daily stories with each other, that will make our life no longer boring once we find our other half. That is the common point of the games that Genius Studio Japan develops. But with today’s game, I will introduce to you, it is a love story in a completely different context, where the boundary between life and death is approaching the characters.


School-age love is the most beautiful love of every human being that everyone should experience at least once. But if put in a normal context, it has nothing outstanding to attract players. This time, the love story will happen in Class of the Living Dead is when the world falls into chaos because the virus causes people turned into zombies.

If you have seen manga/anime like High School Of Dead, it is no stranger to this plot. The story is thrilling to detail and sometimes you will have to make the toughest decisions.

Life is at peace with the best time of school age, but suddenly a pandemic happens that leaves the world in ruins. You along with other students manage to find a safe place. Meanwhile, you accidentally meet the extremely beautiful student council president, a childhood friend and an isolated friend in the classroom. The four gathered and managed to cross a horde of undead to find a way out of the school.

All three girls with you really liked you from before, which girl would you confess if only one of them was chosen. What if you confess your feelings in the apocalypse? Will you be able to survive out of school and get to safety? Or will you perish the place full of zombies walking around the school? What story is waiting for you? Find the answers yourself in this game.


In terms of gameplay, there is nothing different from the previous games. That is, you will choose suggestions from the system to dialogue with girls or make a decision. Each answer or your actions can lead the story to a different end, the story will change completely.

However, do not be too stressed about a game. If your choice makes you not happy you can play again and enjoy the story development in a different direction. Make it look like you are enjoying a novel.

Three beautiful girls

  • Yua: She is always positive and the center of attention. She is your childhood friend but an orphan. Back then, she was often teased and bullied, you were the one who stood up to protect her. Now, can you protect her from zombies?
  • Ranko: The cool, cool student council president is haunted by the perfect definition. Sports, her mind is both wonderful, but at the moment when the world is chaos, you discover another side of her that no one expected.
  • Mel: The one who is isolated by everyone in the classroom, but she’s not a useless and weak person, but a strong, aggressive girl. And in her heart, there is a powerful personal reason for her to get up and fight to survive.

What is Premium Choices?

The Premium Choices are options that differ from what the system has come up with, which are bold words and decisions that can make a situation go better or worse. It can also be an option that will help you open another ending or another development of the story that you did not expect. Often times you will have to use diamonds to open them instead of the free answers given by the system.

2D graphics

Class of the Living Dead has 2D graphics with beautiful girls. Even the zombies also have a beautiful appearance, not too scary. The voices voiced by the Japanese seiyuu will definitely fascinate you.

MOD APK version of Class of the Living Dead

MOD feature

Free Premium Choices: Premium Choices will be unlocked, but you don’t have to spend any diamonds to use it. Specifically, you will be able to choose those answers completely free with the help of the MOD version.

Download Class of the Living Dead MOD APK for Android

Class of the Living Dead is indeed an extremely attractive game when setting in the apocalypse to tell a romantic love story between boys and girls who are still in their school years. When the world ends, people dying is when people reveal their true nature. Be careful when interacting with other people, do not easily believe what they say. Download this game quickly and experience this fascinating story, make sure you will not be able to leave your phone.

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