Color Time MOD APK v0.9.3

Color Time APK is a coloring by number game for adults with many attractive pictures. The game is both relaxing and training the brain and inspiring creativity, a gentle and relaxing way to boost the mood.

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Quality relaxing time

What do you usually do to relax after a working day? Some people like to exercise, do noisy activities such as dancing, singing, playing shooting action games… Some people like to sink into a quiet space, alone, to enjoy the silence of the soul and recharge the battery for the body in an ethereal way.

Quality relaxation time doesn’t have to be the same as the people around. Just do what you like with the most comfortable mind and lightest heart. That time can be used to regenerate the body’s energy, and to inspire more gentle inspiration to start work on a new day.

You can combine relaxation with playing a creative and gentle coloring game like Color Time.

What is ColorTime?

Color Time is a Coloring game, with wonderful pictures, in many different styles, themes, and color tones. When playing the game, you will have a beautiful picture, choose the right style you like, and a color Pantone table below the screen.

Start touching the corresponding numbers to color each detail on the picture. Each picture is considered complete when you go through all the numbers and are satisfied with the work you created.

Gently revive the inspiration

The main operation in Color Time is simply selecting, tapping, and tapping. It takes almost no effort, nor does it make you think hard or make a choice. Your job is to listen to the call of your mind, relax your body, choose a color you like for each picture detail, and color them according to the image you draw in your head.

Because of relaxing and stimulating creativity, Color Time not only trains the mind gently, and relaxes gently, but also helps players rekindle creative inspiration.

Sometimes the hectic life outside makes you forget how creative you used to be. Or sometimes worn out at work, your mind is full of stereotypes that make you unable to escape.

A little painting with Color Time will make the soul more relaxed and open. You will gradually want to try more and more new tones. When you try is when creativity and inspiration in life return to you.

High-quality coloring pictures

Color Time MOD APK works exclusively with famous artists to create a collection of coloring pictures for the game. After more than 1500 hours of choosing pictures and photos, the developer has brought this game hundreds of beautiful images. A real treasure trove for you to practice your borderless creativity in the world of color.

In Color Time MOD APK, there are 3 ways to color: combine numbers, touch the color at the bottom to find the corresponding color blocks, and long-press the color blocks to find the corresponding color. Feel free to choose the best way according to your preferences or experience all of the above for yourself.

Anyway, in this case, the path is not as important as the result and the feeling of happiness you get from coloring.

After the coloring is complete, the picture can be used as wallpaper.

A full-color picture has gradually emerged. You will be happy with your results and can keep them so that when you are sad, you can take them out to watch. Color Time has a Save image to phone feature and Set as mobile wallpaper feature. Furthermore Army Commander MOD APK (Unlimited Tags) v1.1

All pictures in Color Time are inherently designed according to the background size. With just a simple touch, you can set your favorite picture as a creative wallpaper.

Or if you want, you can also use Color Time to share beautiful coloring pictures with your friends, and relatives or share them on famous social networks.

What topics does Color Time’s collection of coloring pictures have?

Hundreds of pictures were selected from collaborative projects with famous artists, then gathered and divided into different thematic clusters. Whatever style or theme you like, you’ll easily find what you need in this extensive collection. Key visual themes in Color Time include:

  • Flowers: Many types and shapes of flowers, will be natural heaven for you to relax your mind
  • Anime: Takes you into the colorful romantic cartoon world
  • Lifestyle: Delicious food, a beautiful house, a thoughtful street corner, you have a lot of choices in life
  • Love: love theme will revive the sweet, romantic moments of your emotions.

There are also a lot of pictures under the theme: Characters, Animals, Fantasy, Madala, Sights, and Festivals…

Download Color Time MOD APK for Android

Color Time MOD APK is a nice light game. It’s just coloring by number, but with hundreds of rare and beautiful pictures of all genres, relaxing coloring, and the feeling of conquering the magical color space that Color Time brings, it will bring quality hours of relaxation. You can also download My Talking Angela MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v6.0.2.3411

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