Crab War MOD APK (Unlimited Pearls) v3.45.0

Crab War is an extremely interesting clicker game by Malaysian publisher AppXplore. Here, you will lead an army of powerful crabs to destroy giant reptiles that are invading the territory.

Enemies are constantly getting stronger, so upgrade crabs and use the power of solidarity to take down invaders.

The story

Hundreds of years ago, in an area that was originally the land of crab species. However, suddenly appeared giant reptiles to invade and take over the crab territory. The tiny crabs are forced to under the ground in order to survive.

After centuries, drawing energy from quartz crystals in the ground, crabs are ready to return to avenge their race and regain territory. A tense and nagging war has broken out!


Crab War has an attractive fighting style between an army of crabs crowded with giant sea monsters. The controls are extremely simple, you just need to touch anywhere on the screen to summon the crab units to attack the enemy.

Since the enemy is a giant reptile, you must attack until the HP of the enemy drops to 0.

Defeating enemies gives you coins. They are used to evolve crabs to increase strength and attack ability. There are many powerful enemies that are constantly appearing and they are getting stronger.

So the player must constantly upgrade the strength to be able to deal with the enemy. That’s why the battles in Crab War are nerve-racking and very persistent.

The strong enemies

Crab War’s enemies in Crab War are giant sea monsters. They have been raging on the seafloor for hundreds of years. So they are very crowded and aggressive. Every time you defeat a monster, there always appears another giant and dustier.

In particular, every time a few small monsters were defeated, giant bosses appeared. They are stronger with a huge amount of blood, even able to eat an army of crabs with just one attack.

Each boss is required to take down in about 30 seconds. Sometimes your powers don’t allow it. Therefore, the player can choose to ignore the boss and choose to fight again when you are strong enough.

Kill more powerful monsters, the more gold you earn. Occasionally there will be monsters, especially golden reptiles, yielding a large amount of gold.

Upgrade your crabs

Confronting powerful enemies, this requires a powerful army of battle crabs. The crab power upgrade system is extremely diverse. There are up to 80 different evolutionary crab species with different stunning shapes but the most powerful is the king crab.

There are 3 different types of crabs that randomly spawn baby crabs when you touch the screen:

  • Crab Amethyst: The fast speed scab, good in attack.
  • Emerald Crab: Unlock after 50 minutes and has the ability to unleash critical attacks.
  • Crab Garnet: Unlocked after 80 minutes with the ability to unleash powerful punches.

Each crab species has diverse upgrade systems and many evolutionary ways. The evolution increases the basic stats such as damage, crit rate, movement speed, … The higher the level, the player unlocked many new and more powerful crabs.

In particular, there are up to 36 mutants for you to study from different types of DNA with special abilities.

In addition to the battle crabs, players can also upgrade 6 combat support skills including summoning a giant crab, increasing crab power or increasing the number of crabs spawned per second, … There is a cooldown and requires unlocking on each level.

Using these skills appropriately will bring about surprising results, helping you to turn the game around.

Events and missions

The missions in Crab War are extremely diverse including day quests or milestones quests. Daily tasks such as destroying reptiles, catching butterflies, using skills, … and milestones mark the achievements you have achieved with cool titles.

Completing quests in addition to giving you gold also gives you pearls. Pearls are used in the store to buy items such as Golden Stingray, Golden Crab, Killer Crab, …

With each special occasion of the year, Crab War organizes interesting events. These events yield rare items and treasure chests containing lots of golds. There is a cake collection event to welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival with many attractive gifts. Do not miss!

MOD APK version of Crab War

MOD feature

Unlimited Pearls

How to get Pearls when using the MOD version

Obtain large amount of Pearls from quest rewards.

Download Crab War MOD APK for Android

With colorful 3D graphics and impressive and varied character designs, Crab War gives you the extremely attractive battles of the crab legion. Will crabs regain their homeland after hundreds of years of being invaded by giant sea reptiles? All are waiting for you to find the answer.

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