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Introduce about Crafty CandyMOD APK

“Let’s lead a simple life in this complicated world”. I just heard this sentence in a Korean movie last night. The philosophy sounds trivial, but honestly, living simply is something that not everyone can do it.

Because life inherently always let people be absorbed in work, you are slowly getting into the habit of overthinking things, sometimes even complicating yourself. But if you think differently, simplify everything, streamline all the events around you, life will be different, happier, and more energetic.

Playing mobile games is the same. Instead of struggling when searching for a series of terrible games, role-playing adventure puzzles, complex puzzles, and endless heavy combat, why don’t we calm down, slowly enjoy a game that was born just for entertainment? The required configuration is low so that this game absolutely avoids the crazy lag like other complicated fighting games. How about giving a try?

If one day you have this thought, and really want to help yourself relax, let me introduce Crafty Candy to you.

Classic but fantastic match-3 game

Crafty Candy is a classic match 3 game but the interface is very modern, sweet with colorful candies. Just looking at the screen, I can see the energy coming back. The gameplay is a piece of cake. Your task is just to put blocks of the same color together into a straight line or a horizontal line. After their disappearing, the blocks on top will drop and sometimes create an interesting chain effect. Each time you assemble 3, assemble 4 (or luckily even better) you will get points.

However, the gameplay in Crafty Candy is a bit different from the match 3 games you’re used to. At the top of each level, there will be one or a few characteristic-colored candies. You will need to find a way to match the candies with the same color as the problem given above. When you have completed enough, you will pass a new level. Depending on the ingenuity and the number of intermediate times, you will get the corresponding number of points. The more points, the more excitement increases, and the following rounds will be more difficult according to your skills.

Clear destination and motivation

Each round of the game, although not giving you a headache or letting you think about anything sublime, is challenging enough for you to feel your skills level up clearly after each level. The original candies of the same color are still close together, so you only need one touch to bring them together. But the longer you play, the more complex and diversecolor distribution is. Every time you want to bring a candy closely to another, you must go through one or two intermediate steps. The difficult the levels will bring more and more excitement to you about the classic game with this familiar gameplay.

There are 1,000 levels to test your skills and ingenuity. When you have enough points, you can change your appearance by unlocking new outfits. This is also a significant incentive for players.

Besides, Crafty Candy is also where you will indirectly defeat the cunning witch Trixie in Magic Candy battles. This combination of joking and realistic combat elements will make your game have a real destination, not just getting points for fun like before in other match 3 games.

We can play this Crafty Candy anywhere, anytime. Playing alone is also fun but inviting more friends via Facebook and competing is even better. The fight will add a motivation when you win.

Game of colors

Graphics are no need to talk about because they are too good. Especially for children or girls, just a delicious sky of colors is enough to make your heart flutter. You also don’t need to worry about the abundance of exotic dishes to match in this game. We have colored candies, fresh marshmallows, delicious solid chocolates, mouthwatering lollipops, rainbow veggie jellies… Lots of things are waiting for you.

The background music and small sound effects that happen every successful match are also quite cute, which increases a lot of excitement when playing.

Download Crafty Candy APK for Android

To sum up, Crafty Candy is a sweet match 3 game with no quests, no challenges, no racing for scores. You just need to let your emotions come out and relax with the sweet candies in the game. So, what are you waiting for?

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