Crayon Icon Pack MOD APK v3.6.1

Crayon Icon Pack APK is an app that helps to change all the icons you have on your mobile into a unique and funny icon set with a playful crayon drawing style and sweet pastel tones. Do you like this style?

What is Crayon Icon Pack?

Along with Launchers, icon packs have always been a cool thing exclusive to Android mobile devices. You will have a lot more excitement, energy, and fun with countless styles of lovely icon sets available on the Google Play app store.

How many times a day do you look at the screen? Just a little change in the look of the phone interface can make you feel different.

That’s why Android users often look to icon pack apps to make the phone’s screen different. Everyone has different tastes and preferences. If you like small, soft, round, and pretty things, like pastel tones, like the feeling of liberal drawing of crayons, then Crayon Icon Pack is the app icon pack for you.

An impressive number of icons

Cartoon themes are quite popular with icon packs. But animation has many styles like angular humor style, anime style, black and white tone style, pixel style… Crayon Icon Pack specializes in cartoon themes and beautiful pastel colors. Every detail on each icon of Crayon Icon Pack is drawn by a set of colorful crayons.

The brushstrokes are gentle but sharp, highly symbolic, just a glance can be recognized immediately. This set of icons will promote the spirit of loveliness, energy, and purity. In the digital age, this is a rare style.

Crayon Icon Pack has a lot of icons in its collection. There are more than 5300 icons and countless high-quality wallpapers for you to set as your main screen in the same style as the Crayon icon set you are using.

This number of icons is continuously updated periodically to bring absolute richness and completeness. So that no matter what app you are using, or playing any game, there will be an accurate display of the icon on the screen.

Various customizations

In the process of applying this icon pack to your device, you can optionally choose different display sizes. If you like the small icon style to reduce clutter and take up space, you can resize it to 85% maximum. If you like large, easy-to-see icons, you can choose the size 100% – 120%.

Extra Features

In addition to providing a lovely cartoon style icon set, you can do a lot of other things like:

  • Icon preview & search: preview and quickly find icons. You can use this feature to check if the app has icons for all the apps and games you’re using.
  • Dynamic Calendar: a calendar divided by day, month, a year with the same original design style of icon pack.
  • Material Dashboard: easy-to-see and easy-to-read controls
  • Custom folder icons: help users manually adjust the icons of different folders.
  • Category-based Icons: icons are divided into categories (eg icon clusters for Google, icons for games…) to help users easier to use and control.
  • Custom app drawer icons: with rare applications that are not in the list of more than 5300 icons available, you can use this toolkit to draw your own icons with crayon based on the suggestions in Crayon Icon Pack.

What Launcher is Crayon Icon Pack compatible with on Android devices?

  • Action Launcher
  • ADW Launcher
  • Apex Launcher
  • Atom Launcher
  • Aviate Launcher
  • CM Theme Engine
  • GO Launcher
  • Holo Launcher
  • Holo Launcher HD
  • LG Home
  • Lucid Launcher
  • M Launcher
  • Mini Launcher
  • Next Launcher
  • Nougat Launcher
  • Nova Launcher(recommended)
  • Smart Launcher
  • olo Launcher
  • V Launcher
  • ZenUI Launcher
  • Zero Launcher
  • ABC Launcher
  • Evie Launcher
  • L Launcher
  • Lawnchair

A list of Launchers that are not currently compatible with Crayon Icon Pack

  • Arrow Launcher
  • ASAP Launcher
  • Cobo Launcher
  • Line Launcher
  • Mesh Launcher
  • Peek Launcher
  • Z Launcher
  • Launch by Quixey Launcher
  • iTop Launcher
  • KK Launcher
  • MN Launcher
  • New Launcher
  • S Launcher
  • Open Launcher
  • Flick Launcher
  • Poco Launcher

Download Crayon Icon Pack APK free for Android

In short, Crayon Icon Pack is an app to create a new icon set on Android devices. This app is very convenient, easy to use, with lovely chubby cartoon style and customizable, compatible with many modern Launchers. Install this application on your device, you will find using mobile phones every day new and fun.

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