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Discover new endings to your amazing story!

Are you a fan of interactive novel games? Why don’t you try a game that has both love and horror elements like Dangerous Fellows?


Just like other typical otome games, in Dangerous Fellows, there is always a story with love as the main theme and players can make their own choices that lead to different endings. There are many ways to end depending on your thoughts and decisions and everything will turn in the corresponding direction.

But this time, it’s not just romance. But love needs to be sublimated in the context of scary zombies. The world is no longer an ideal green planet. A dangerous virus pandemic has appeared and swept through everything, spreading to every corner of the Earth. Most of the people were infected and became undead. There are a few people who are lucky to survive, and you are one of those rare girls. But it can be quite unfortunate to survive in this terrible world. You must constantly find ways to fight and run away from the bloodthirsty zombies around.

No matter how careful you are, there will be times when you are careless. Once, unable to control your hunger, you had to go out for dinner and zombies came out. In the situation of dilemma, you were promptly helped by strange boys and brought back to shelter. This is the residence of the few who are still alive. Now you have entered the game and together with everyone survive the terrible pandemic. Here some relationships are building. There is friendship, love, and comradeship. You will be the one to find the answer yourself.


Overlapping relationships and deciding to follow your heart or mind are always the “specialty” of interactive novels like Dangerous Fellows. Like I said, everything happens in the shelter. Here, through countless collisions, living situations, and intense battles with zombies, you have created strange relationships with five boys.

There’s a lot going on in this game. How to play is simply reading, following the story, and touching the options when presented by the game. There are many things that lead the way and make you unable to stop, even though your mind is always determined from the beginning. It is an extremely intense psychological struggle between life and death, between love and friendship, between mind and heart. You will follow your heart and choose a guy with the right personality for you or choose someone who can help you safely through all the difficulties of life. In total, there are up to seven different endings depending on your choice. So even if you play repeatedly, there will still be a lot of things to explore and feel.

So much to explore

You can do a lot more than just reading stories and making choices like being able to customize the character’s shape, change the costume. Our main character is a good, beautiful girl. She is also quite strong and independent.

Let’s talk a bit about the five energetic boys. Lawrence is the leader of the group with a kind and gentle personality. Eugene is arrogant, gruff but good-natured and affectionate. Ethan has a strong personality, is trustworthy and can do what he says. Zion is straight-forward, but especially with the main character, he is quite friendly. Finally, Harry is emotional, soft, and very attentive to the people around him.

Each character has such a unique appearance and personality. So, following the progress of the story never ceases to surprise and wonder. Just listening to each person’s life, family background and past will drive you crazy with curiosity.

Covering the whole Dangerous Fellows story is a slightly pent-up mood because the characters inherently live in a world full of zombies. However, it is not always gloomy like many other zombie games. We still have situations full of romance, heart fluttering, sometimes cute and peaceful like student love. Once you’ve played, you can’t stop.

Graphics and sound

Everything is amazingly simple. There is only the human figure appearing with the dialog box on the background music suitable for each context. Although it’s only 2D, the image of each character is taken care of very carefully. No matter who you are, you can immediately recognize it if you look at it once. The supporting characters appearing in the game are all interesting. The background music is also quite good, thrilling, sweet or horror at the right time and never distracts your mind from the screen. Playing this game in the dark gives goosebumps in many parts.

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An otome style interactive game well worth playing with many plot twists for a love story and some comradeship. However, this story is for self-experience to fully absorb the hearts and emotions of the characters.

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