Games adapted from the anime so far are not too strange for you. And this game is adapted from a famous Japanese anime, Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka. This is an anime masterpiece that has just released Season 2 this year. If you are a fan of this famous movie, do not miss the interesting things in the game that I will introduce right now!


Like in the anime, the story is set in a city called Orario, where the gods are living. Those who receive blessings from the gods are called adventurers, they have the power to fight the monsters in the Dungeon. Bell Cranel is the main character of the anime. Once being chased by a Minotaur in Dungeon, he was saved by Aiz, a girl from Loki Familia and fell in love at first sight. Coincidentally, Aiz also had a special affection for Bell, and from there the adventure story began.

DanMachi – MEMORIA FREESE is adapted as a mobile role-playing game. The game will take you to the city of Orario so you can build your squad by recruiting cute girls into your team. After you have assembled a team, you can enter Dungeon and conquer. Join the game and write your own adventure.

The gameplay is also extremely simple. With the role-playing game of turn-based combat, you will easily get used to it. Your squad has four members, each turn you can choose each character’s action such as attacking, using special skills, … Although it is as simple as that, it also requires you have a tactical mindset to create the combo, deal as much damage as possible.

Timeline, PVP

When participating in DanMachi – MEMORIA FREESE, you will play this game in a flexible timeline. Meaning from character dialogues, the surroundings will change depending on the time of the day you playing. This is a feature loved by many players because it makes you feel as if you are a character in the game.

In particular, the PVP feature has contributed to the success of the game. Developed as an online game, fighting with other players is essential. In the game, you can join the Wars Game mode to meet and interact with players around the world. This will help you learn more about other people’s tactics and combos so you can create your own tactics.


The first feature I want to talk about is upgrading your favourite character to unlock the skill. To conquer difficult Dungeon, you need to raise your strength to fight against giant monsters. Unlocking new skills help you stronger in the battle. In addition, there are events with attractive gifts that are alternately opened for you to play.

In addition, you can also choose costumes for the character. Freely wear your character the costumes that you love. Possessing a large number of characters from the anime, you can build a team with your favourite characters. You can recruit any adventurer to your team to go on an exciting adventure and conquer the Dungeon.


DanMachi – MEMORIA FREESE possesses advanced 2D graphics. Character, animation, skill effect, everything is meticulously invested. It is hard to find an error in the game graphics. In particular, the voice of the character is voiced by the original Seiyuu in the anime. And because it is so great, the size of the game is very large, up to 4.4 GB.

Download DanMachi – MEMORIA FREESE APK for Android

DanMachi – MEMORIA FREESE is a really great role-playing game. The game is not merely a role-playing game but also a game of strategy. And with the original storyline written by Fujino Omori, you will relive the best fighting scenes in the anime. Do not hesitate any longer, let downloading this game to phone to conquer Dungeon with players around the globe. A small note for you, make sure your phone has enough space to extract the data of this game.

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