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Are you capable of deciding everything in your own life?

Some games you’ve played before let you fight, adventure, work and do whatever you want. But they haven’t allowed you to decide your entire life on your own. Many times, no matter how hard you try, the outcome is unchanged as it is already written in advance.

But it can be different if you play an interactive novel game. You are free to do whatever you want and live a different life on your own. You are free of entanglements and judgments here. Today I want to introduce to you a classic interactive novel game with lots of interesting story options: Decisions.

Role-playing, choice-making and freedom

Decisions will let you role-play the main character and follow the story, choose the direction and the endings. The world you enter will have a lot to explore. It can be an adventure of someone who had gone through a stormy life before. It can be a funny situation for an unjust couple. It can be a surprise baby from the accidental “collision” of two completely different people… You will be drawn into a fascinating and dramatic world from the first moment you enter the game.

Each story in Decisions consists of several chapters, exactly like a truly modern novel. You will be allowed to choose the chapter you like but not necessarily go through the whole story. You can also customize characters by changing their costumes.

One interesting thing in Decisions (and in interactive novel games in general) is Freedom. You don’t always believe in fate but believe that life is a series of decisions and a series of causes and effects. Well then, this is the game for you. You are the one who creates your destiny, decides for yourself, does not compromise with anyone, and is not subject to anyone’s judgment. Act as if you were living a second life. Live to never have regrets. And finally, get the right ending as your choices. It may or may not be the desired ending. But what does it matter? The important thing is that you can live the way you want and do everything as instinctively as possible. Isn’t that true freedom what one is always looking for in this life?

Feel many flavors of life

Decisions is different from many interactive novel games I played. Here, you are not transformed into only one person. But you will be able to choose from many stories, each story is a different person with a different life. Experiencing everything that happens in this life will give you many wonderful lessons. You can apply it to your real life. Experience love, dating, work, labor, and friendship. Learn to make your own decisions and take responsibility for the fate that lies ahead.

By playing this game, you will not just role-play and live like your character. You are the one who writes the story. Make your own decisions and rewrite your ending. That’s exactly what an author does.

The famous titles in Decisions can name a few attractive names:

  • Baby Highness: where you play as a young designer aspiring to make a mark at International Fashion Week. 
  • A Naughty Proposal: where you are a young lawyer associate who suddenly discovers that her boss is too rich and handsome and full of charm. 
  • A Royal Affair: where you experience the feeling of being a Princess, who is about to inherit the throne of Lightdale kingdom…

And so on…

One thing that can be clearly seen in Decisions is that the stories’ titles are similar to famous works: Eat Spy Love instead of the legendary Eat Pray Love, A naughty Proposal instead of A delicious Proposal… Each story itself made players curious from the name. you may wonder whether they are any different, similar to the original, or are added with something new or not. So, you enter a story with less hesitation and more excitement.

What languages does the game support?

Decisions is currently available in over 25 languages: English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Turkish, Korean, Arabic, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Filipino, Norwegian, Vietnamese, Thai, Ukrainian, Romanian, Polish, Kazakh, and Malaysian. Ensure good access to all players around the world. And no matter where you are in the world, go to Decisions to have your own story right away.

MOD APK version of Decisions

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Unlimited Money

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It is an interactive novel game having many stories with many chapters to choose from. The themes are diverse, and the images are also good. The progress is quick and important in each situation. You are in control of all your decisions. If you are interested in this attractive classic game genre, play Decisions immediately!

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