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Dark Romance Otome Story Game

The romantic scene that every girl wants to experience once

Love is always like the strong attraction of opposite magnets: romantic and daring, sweet and cold, innocent and dark, indifferent and delicate. If anyone can gather all those things in one soul, and have a romantic charm, I guarantee any girl on this earth will fall for him.

And what if such a guy is not only one, but three or four people, appearing in your life at the same time? What will you do, turn your back and run away or dedicate yourself to finding out and coming to the right person for you?

What I’ve been talking about just now is the plot in Devil’s Propose.

About the story and characters

The story begins when one day, our lovely girl Seri suddenly fell into a mysterious event. After that, she learned the shocking truth. The father that she had long thought was dead had promised to marry her to the devil. And not one, three devils, one by one, appear and make the same promises.

Seri’s childhood was not her happy time, from a young age she struggled to earn a living and survive until now. So, our girl has a bit of courage to initially deal with these handsome devils. But things start to get more difficult when she suddenly realizes in her conversations with them that each of them has a pitiful past, cold evil spirits still need love and warmth. And the one who can do it now is you.

If you agree with the feelings of one of these guys, maybe you will have to engage in crime, you will gradually become a devil girl. Or maybe you will use your sincere little heart to slowly convert the person you love. And if you don’t take sides with these mysterious men, you can choose to come to Teo, the true “human” friend who is always by your side, caring, worried, and the only one who could pull her out of her current struggles.

And of course, if she chooses to be with Teo, Seri has to find a way to break the promise she made from her father in the past with three devils. Otherwise, both she and Teo will have to pay the price for their choice.

Who will you love?

In the game, you will meet some ideal lovers:

  • Ruan, the devil of Superbia (187cm, 171lb), is a fierce, powerful demon who is also wobbling because of Seri. He appears in the very first scene by claiming that Seri is his girl: “You must be my Bride”.
  • Baro, the devil of Gula (181cm, 154lb), is the embodiment of money, fame, and sweetness but also hides a cold, icy heart inside. Baro is a man of dignity, very aggressive, he can do anything to get what he wants and is always mad when he says, “That bastard tried to take my Bride away”.
  • Ah-in, the devil of Luxuria (183cm, 165lb). This is a very gentle demon but hidden inside is full of dark passions. Do not do much, just know that with this person you will always have fun. He has affirmed many times: “I can just make you happy”.
  • And Teo, the only human character in this game. As a close friend, who always cares, takes care of, and follows every step of Seri. This guy is considered to be alone against three evil guys. He finds all ways to save Seri from the promise with the devil and at the same time want to win the heart of the beauty.

The ending will make you cry with emotion

Depending on each person, the way you make choices can be different. In the thousands of options spread out in the countless dialogues between the characters, you will realize who you have feelings for. It is that feeling that will lead you to many other choices in the future and have a corresponding ending with that feeling.

Of course, there is nothing too gloomy, dreary, or creepy here. These demons love Seri sincerely, but the way they express and capture her heart is somewhat dark, mysterious, and has a bit of a dictatorship according to each guy’s personality. Teo, I find him quite bland. He’s a good boy, not bad but nothing special. A boy having passion and a little dark is attractive, isn’t it?

The climax of the game is when you stand in the middle of a crossroads and have to make the final choice. Sometimes deciding to love someone is very difficult and it makes so many tears.

Graphics, sound, and gameplay

Devil’s Propose game uses 2D graphics. The dialogues take place quite quickly, the words are easy to read, short, and easy to follow. Beautiful, shimmering image. The characters are beautiful and full of charm, just looking at them makes my heart flutter.

Not to mention the emotional flirting sentences of the devil guys, I bet any girl would be mesmerized.

This game is easy to play. Just click next, dialogue patterns and characters appear, there is a question or situation, and there are options to choose, you just have to follow your heart and choose which option is right for you. Continue like this until everything gradually clears up and comes to an end.

Like many dating simulation games, the music in Devil’s Propose is so soothing that it sometimes lulls you to sleep. But in dramatic details, the sound is also quite suspenseful. In general, the sound sounds like you can know that it talks about romantic love already.

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This is really a beautiful dating simulation game, super easy to play, attractive storyline, attractive characters. You don’t need to watch any Kdrama anymore, come here to enjoy the feeling of being chased by many devil guys. Download Devil’s Propose and play now. I’m about to fall in love with Ruan!

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