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Introduce about Drive for Speed MOD APK

Start your engines! Get your car ready and start playing this exciting game!

How would you choose a driving game?

Racing games are always been a timeless topic. From 2D to 3D, from the real world to open-world, sandbox world, from simulation to witty cartoon style. And among them, I especially have a lot of love for the sandbox world because of its flexible transformation in many forms. But in this form there are many games, so what is the next selection factor? What attraction are you looking for?

The appeal of a driving and racing game comes from many different factors. Some manufacturers choose to make a difference from images and graphics, others choose gameplay, sometimes it’s a special driving mode. And in Drive for Speed ​​you will witness a completely different direction: there are both game modes and a variety of vehicles to choose from. Everything in this game is completely free.

Not only encapsulated in certain cars, but you will also have it every vehicle in this game

In the game, you will be able to choose a car with a modest amount of money available (but don’t be impatient because racing for a while you will have a new glamorous car). Several cars corresponding to the amount of money appear in turn, along with 3 basic indicators: Speed, Acceleration, and Grip.

The surprise starts with the vehicle selection. Unlike other racing games that are usually only encapsulated in certain types of vehicles such as racing cars or trucks. And in Drive for Speed, you can choose any vehicle you like or want to experience: 4-seater, 7-seater, bus, truck, van, Pitbull, ambulance, police car, military vehicles carrying ballistics, and supercars like Mustard, Camaron, Edison S…

In total, there are more than 20 different vehicles in this game. And when you’ve chosen the car, you can customize many more interior and exterior details such as tires, rims, paint and upgrade the internal engines to increase the speed of the car.

Game modes

The game has many game modes: FreeRide, Check, Truck, Arrive, Race. FreeRide mode will allow you to enjoy different running tracks around the vast city. Truck mode is dedicated to trucks, Arrive mode requires you to reach your destination in a limited time. And in Race mode, you will compete with other cars for the rankings, winning as one of the top three. Depending on your preferences and inspiration, just choose the game mode you like. I like to play FreeRide mode to enjoy the scenery.

If you want to finish the line quickly, you should play Arrive mode. Time pressure is a pretty cool thing for you to shorten all unnecessary lengthy control steps. There is only one purpose to conquer the line on the map in the shortest time.

When you complete the tasks corresponding to each scene and each game mode, you will receive some huge bonuses. Use this money to buy your dream cars in the original car list, with faster and more beautiful speeds, promising to successfully conquer the next challenges.

Graphics and sound

The layout of the control clusters in Drive for Speed ​​is a bit different than in other driving games. The cluster of information about the number of kilometers or the distance from the destination is in the upper left corner, the time, and the map is in the upper right corner. Below, the left hand is for navigation, the right is for acceleration or braking. These clusters are quite large, clear, simple designs, the important thing is that they don’t block the view or reduce the surrounding space when the car is running.

The cityscapes and tracks in Drive for Speed ​​are made in the 3D sandbox. This means that wherever you go will appear in succession, and each time it appears is a different type, unlike the previous run and structure like many other driving games. This is an additional factor to the inherent appeal of this game, the motivation to help you play over and over again without getting bored.

The sound in Drive for Speed is not only the sound of the engine or simulation of bumps and road physics but also mixed with vibrant rhythmic melodies. The whole race was exciting and even more thrilling.

MOD APK version of Drive for Speed

Unlimited Money

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The cars in this game are so beautiful, the 3D track is amazing, the sound is also very realistic and the physics simulation effect is excellent. Especially, there are so many cars to choose from and try out. Download Drive for Speed to play immediately, everyone.

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