Dude Theft Wars MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v0.9.0.6a

Do you want to be a bad person once?

There are games where when we just touch our hands to control the character, the dark part of us resurfaces.

You just want to do something crazy, go over all the legal limits to destroy the world. Dude Theft Wars is exactly a game that evokes the naughty nature of everyone.

The plot is for everyone, also quite worth thinking about

Born into a normal family, placed on the shoulders of normal expectations, having normal relationships, sometimes

It makes you bored, and gradually wants to rebell, get out of ordinary people to do something crazy? Jack is a typical young man for a young, crazy, rebellious and fearless character.

The name Jack itself, it has problems. Jack is often referred to in English as a can-be-anyone and can also can-become-anyone, in the ironic sense of contempt. Jack is extremely paranoid, but thinks he is handsome and can do anything.

The guy, on a beautiful day suddenly realized, there are some good ways to get out of the trivial life that he is live.

For example, when you go into a neighbor’s house, no one is home, you can completely take away some items by your hand. Then the road is too empty, you can drive at lightning speed on the road.

You can demolish everything, destroy your neighbor’s house, destroy public buildings. Jack even trained some juniors, joined his gang to rob banks.

Gameplay has nothing to say because it is so simple

In the open world built for Jack, you can move to any corner of the city. You can run, you can walk like a drunk, you can drive and do all kinds of other activities.

But interestingly, your only action on the phone is just touching the corners of the screen to select the destination for the character. How to go, the character acts by itself based on the scene and situation.

When you want to do something bad, for example, the first scene is going to a neighbor’s house to steal video tapes. If Jack wants to get something, you will see a hand icon automatically appear on the screen.

Playing on the phone with one-touch mode, these manipulations are very easy, just touch the hand icon and hold your finger there, to the position where you need to move the tape to finish. The same goes for Jack’s other evil missions in the ensuing scenes.

After each successful incident (with increasing levels), you will have money. Use that money to buy weapons, clothes, accessories, even buy new cars, tanks, boats … You can even buy a large casino. Become the gangster boss of the city.

The satirical took everything to a climax

With just a few doodles like a picture drawn by children, this game has exposed the nature of human being, always wanting to rebel, always wanting to smash, smash principles, norms and

sometime want to do something bad. That nature is always lurking in the depths of each person. Just have the opportunity and have comrades, it rises, fierce and dangerous than ever.

Dude Theft Wars is designed in a classic 32-bit graphic style, mixed with 3D pixel color blocks. In my opinion, this is the smart choice of the manufacturer, both to create the satire that should be in the game, and to create the deviant, unsteady steps of Jack, like its distorted soul.

But not everyone can “feel” this type of graphics. Especially if you are familiar with the detailed 3D games, in fact, you may not have much interest in this game.

Lively music, very excited in some of Jack’s devastating scenes. Enjoy the scene where Jack clashes with the police and places grenades to destroy the whole city.

Jack is crazy, but crazy like Joker, wants to have an audience, wants someone to celebrate and crazy before the eyes of the world.

MOD APK version of Dude Theft Wars

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: Money does not decrease when you use it.

Note, you need enough money to make a purchase. Therefore, you should buy low-cost items first and find ways to farm more money.

Download Dude Theft Wars MOD APK for Android

You can play this game in single player mode for early missions. But then, I recommend playing online with friends for fun. Because the game has a series of difficult missions, you need enough gang members to do bad things, such as teasing the police,

Destroying streets, robbing banks… Revealing, you can play with up to 15 players in Online mode. Interesting, right?

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