Dwarf Journey MOD APK v1.12

Dwarf Journey MOD APK is a rogue-lite action game from Orube Game Studio, a small game developer in Brazil. Moreover World Flipper MOD APK v1.501.0

Entering the indie action game segment with liberal gameplay, flexible storyline, and the dwarf’s adventure has succeeded in reaching players both mentally and rationally in the eternal world’s adventures.

This game is gentle entertainment, suitable for all ages and genders. If you like adventure, love the legend of immortality, welcome the world of Dwarf Journey.

My first impressions of Dwarf Journey

Games that in genre rogue-lite action mixed with survival, adventure that works on a mobile platform, good quality, and longevity, according to me, I currently only count on my fingers. Among them Dwarf Journey is one of the rare games that meet almost all of the basic requirements of players with this genre.

The game with a random mechanism always refreshes the perspective and requires players to upgrade the character

The common feature of rogue-lite action games is that levels are randomly generated. Although it seems simple with only actions like searching, attack the enemy, leveling up, consolidating resources, gathering resources to upgrade everything, then continuing to search, attack the enemy …

But in each step, each of your choices affects whether the system makes the next available or random levels. In short, today, you go from A to B, but the next day you go from A, you will go to C, not B anymore.

So the core of these games is that the storyline and storyline must be really deep, logical, and well-strung together. Dwarf Journey is like other games in this genre in creating random perspectives, but it’s all different because of the deep storyline and rich premise for each character’s transition.

Dwarf Journey, the adventure of a dumb or the smartest person in the world?

The story begins with a passage. The history of thousands of years ago has told a story about an artifact capable of giving immortality to the person who found it first. The place where the artifact was last seen is in the mysterious cave in the Eternity Valley.

Our main character is an ordinary dwarf, working as a woodcutter, with only an ax and a pickaxe beside him. In a narrow escape from death, in him a burning desire to live forever to enjoy all the fun of the world. And to do that, he has found clues of antiquities in the legend. So the stupidest adventure of the year begins.

Each of Gallar’s choices leads to another level in the future

Transformed into the main character, the woodcutter Gallar, you will travel your journey through the following main means and abilities:

  • Defeat first enemies with axes and pickaxes, combat experience increases, skills are also developed by unlocking new customizations for Gallar.
  • The spoils of each battle are better equipment or point resources to forge a new powerful weapon.
  • Along the way, keep an eye out for the runes around the cave, which mostly contain additional skills that are useful for the journey ahead.
  • We are often forced to choose from what the system offers to change our gameplay and our way of exploring. Initially, this feature was not be loved, but later on, players thinking that changing yourself will make the game always new, and you will always refresh yourself.

Since the battles are completely randomized based on the previous selections, the final boss can hide somewhere behind one of the doorways in front of him. Of course, the manufacturer has cleverly installed the emblem identifying the game’s super big boss, but recognizing it or not is up to you. Furthermore Blade Bound MOD APK (God Mode, One Hit) v2.24.0

The game makes me lost in thought

I have not played this game until the end. But according to what some friends told me, I can sympathize with their thoughts.

A friend told me: “Actually, after playing, I don’t know whether to be happy or sad. That feeling is very messy. When I held the lost antique in my hand, lightning appeared. I don’t know whether I was truly immortal from that moment, just knowing that after that mysterious light, everything around was sinking into the dark.

I am still immersed in the present that I created myself, and in the past, I left behind”. This means that even living forever and ever, you will still go through ups and downs, sorrows, austerities, and joys of life.

Winning the enemy in each round is the way to get new weapons and skills

Have you watched “Goblin”? There has never been a story of immortality that was a happy ending. The person who never dies will suffer a painful loss because of losing friends and family one in turn.

Even if you don’t want to, you will also witness them disappear, feeling helpless to give up everything, wanting to forget everything. There are times when you want to be old and then die with them to bury your love for each other.

But it doesn’t work. You will still be alive, the suffering and loss will accumulate more and more until your heart turns to stone and your soul is only broken pieces of time. That is the tragedy.

But Gallar is the man who was stabbing himself into a dead-end, beginning his own long tragedy. I keep walking through the game, listening to my friend’s story, and wondering what I’m fighting for. Was it just momentary joy, or did Gallar really want to find immortality across the valley?

Nobody really knows what will happen because of the non-end and random leveling mechanism that this game format brings. Maybe for you, the end is like that, but for me, when going through everything, it is a different end.

Every decision you make from time to time changes the end of the game. I wonder what really awaits Gallar while he is holding the antiques in the valley?

Download Dwarf Journey MOD APK free for Android

I am continuing my journey with Gallar and wonder what if I no longer seek eternal life? How does Gallar move on, even the present he has nothing to remember?

Actually, the game is not so sentimental like that. It’s just my thoughts. Don’t mind me. The game is very great. You should play it. You can also download Auto Battles Online MOD APK v705

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