Dynamons 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) v1.2.2

Introduce about Dynamons 2MOD APK

A magical pet catching game for the Pokemon addicts!

The hobby of collecting magical animals

Referring to the game of collecting animals, Pokemon will be the first name for everyone. But not everyone has the patience to study each Pokemon and follow the long adventure stories of the characters.

If you like to play a game that is similar but small, simple, playful with magical animals of all colors, sizes, and skills, and has a game not too complicated with many dense character lines, then there is still another alternative: the ideal game Dynamons 2 by Kizi.

Dynamons 2 by Kizi is the sequel to Dynamons. This part has many visual improvements, more Dynamons, and a few dragons for you to freely fight with other trainers.


Just like Pokemon, the gameplay in Dynamons 2 by Kizi is to role-play, capture magical beasts (here are the Dynamons), train each one, and form a squad to form a mighty army of beasts. Then take it to fight other Dynamons to collect gold, items, and level up Dynamon’s skills. And continue to conquer other magical beasts in the carefully guided map area.

Dynamons 2 by Kizi is not too wide, long-term and it does not have a lot of strings like the Pokemon game series. Dynamons 2 by Kizi is short in everything from Dynamons battles to game modes. But no matter which game mode you choose, you must ensure that you have a specific strategy for your Dynamons squad. Arrange everything so that it is reasonable, and you can defend and attack at the right range to quickly get the victory and collect spoils.

The more Dynamon is brought into battle, the higher the experience and skill points. The uneven distribution of forces can also lead to a case where one is strong but the other is weak. Sometimes it’s not good for the later battles when you will have to let your weaker ones go to battle. So, you need to balance the number of fights for Dynamon in the squad.

The right choices bring victory

In Dynamons 2 by Kizi, when you defeat a certain Dynamon Leader, all his Dynamons will automatically belong to you. If these magical beasts are already strong, your squad will be like a tiger with more wings. As for the small squad with average strength, no matter how hard you train them, sometimes the latter can become a burden for you in important battles. Therefore, choosing a worthy opponent having a potential Dynamons lineup is also a way to advance quickly for players.

Most of the time is focused on turn-based battles between two types of Dynamons. To win, you need to choose a Dynamon on your team that has good resistance to the opponent captain’s Dynamon. Each attack, depending on the initial selection, the damage to the opponent will be different. If you choose wrong, your Dynamon will lose health quickly and will definitely lose.

So, although Dynamons 2 by Kizi is quite easy to play, the initial selection is very important. You should consider carefully in both choosing a worthy opponent captain and choosing the right Dynamons to defeat the opponent’s Dynamon.

Graphics and sound

Following the style of Pokemon, but Dynamons 2 by Kizi has even more colorful graphics. Dynamons here are really cute and eye-catching. Although the ones with good fighting ability look less impressive than Pokemon, in general, they are too good for a follow-up game.

The context in the game is also quite good. The map is not as large, but there are many specific instructions on the way, helping players shorten the time to find and capture Dynamons. The scenery is bright and has depth and lots of areas to explore.

The sound is also very good. The battle effect between Dynamons is fun and exciting. The speed of the attack is a bit slow, but it will be suitable for those who are just starting to get used to this magical game.

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Overall, Dynamons 2 by Kizi can be the ideal stepping stone to lead you into the larger world of Pokemon. Conquer the magical beasts to come to the finish line and become the best captain of all time in Dynamons 2 by Kizi. Maybe when playing Pokemon, you will also get impressive achievements. The game is cute, short, and worth playing with many magical animals with all the attractive moves. Have a great time with the game, everyone. 

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