EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2  MOD APK v1.10.01

EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2, which UFC means Ultimate fighting Championship. This is the time for you to show your talent and unmatched passion for the heavy sport: Boxing.

Excellent 3D graphics

Talking about the level of authenticity and brutality in Boxing matches, EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 can be said to be the best today.

Each match does not just stop at the level of reproduction but is also simulated realistically, sometimes overkill. You will see blood gushing out of the boxer’s mouth after chin hooks, or sweat flying into the air when launching a dangerous attack, staggering footsteps when hit, and a rumbling sound in the ring when the opponent knocks out.

The muscle biceps, the face covered with bleeding wounds, the fierce eyes of the boxer when he goes to the ring… All are very impressive. The 3D graphics deserve the two words “top-notch”. If it’s not a game, you might think it’s a live showdown on television.

Plunge into uncompromising matches

Don’t expect anything from the plot in a fighting game. In this game, you just fight and fight. Your only task is to control your favorite boxers and in turn defeat other fighters to win the glorious championship position.

The arena in EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 is the place where all the world’s top boxers gather to enter a series of fierce, large-scale global fights. At first, you are just Brad Tavares, a middleweight boxer with mediocre skills.

But slowly through the tournaments, forging through many hours of practice, the boxer every day had a muscular body, bigger and stronger, his skills became superior and decisive. One day, you can challenge all weight classes and become a shining name.

EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 has created the largest fighting arenas on the mobile platform. You will bring your power and overwhelming attacks to defeat opponents, one person, two people, and many more. The main goal is to become a reigning boxing champion of the whole world.


Control a talented fighter, with many different fighting techniques, but the control in EA SPORTS™ UFC® Mobile 2 is quite easy. Sweeping across the screen to show strong and light attacks of the boxer, quick touch and release is to launch normal attacks, touch and hold any two points on the screen to block attacks from the opponent, swipe in the opposite direction is to take a step back or avoid a dangerous blow. Just that.

At first, I was a bit confused because this type of control is both strange and familiar. Besides, it’s been a while since I played this game genre again. But after fighting two matches, I get more familiar, from then on, the hand touches and presses as fast as a god (I’m joking, but it’s true that it only takes 1-2 matches and you’ll get used to it right away).

Ranked boxer: fast, powerful, and impressing

If you ask me how do I rate this game? I can only say 5 stars. You have to play it yourself to feel it. When you watch the highlights of this game on YouTube, you will find that the game is quite fun and attractive. But when you play by yourself, that attraction will increase many times.

Do the stunts yourself, sweep the foot post to make the opponent miss the step, then jump to the neck clamp, hit a short blow… The feeling of that action is very very passionate.

Not to mention through the matches, our boxers will grow up and become stronger. The skills have improved both speed and damage. If you want to increase faster, you can enter the training mode to forge more or add strength to your character with the existing bonus. Kind of like a character upgrade in role-playing games.

This one is small, but I like it. This gameplay mix makes the player’s motivation to move on more. Like life now has a clear goal to strive for.

Download EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 MOD APK for Android

Playing Boxing must have a little gore. So you should consider when letting children play at home. As for the game itself, I have nothing to criticize anymore: beautiful images, smooth motion, realistic simulation, every battle cries blood. If you like Boxing, then you should play this game right away.

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