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Introduce about Easy NotesMOD APK

Never be afraid of forgetting things as you have a mobile reminder in your hand!

Life is difficult sometimes not because many difficult situations come at the same time but because you haven’t found a better way to manage your things.

You are looking for a free note-taking tool that automatically updates daily for all kinds of your to-do lists? Do you want a set of colorful notepads that are easy to see and are always by your side 24/7? Or do you simply want your life to be simpler, more organized, and easier? Do not think anymore, you just need to download Easy Notes and all problems will be solved automatically.

What is Easy Notes?

Easy Notes is a free note-taking app for mobile phones and tablets. With this easy-to-use detailed notebook app, you can take quick notes wherever you are with the app’s intuitive backgrounds and colors. Unlike notes on paper or in notebooks, Easy Notes help you easily edit, change updates, make sub-notes, and set a schedule for each completed milestone. There’s also an added aesthetic and sound element (from the app’s Reminder feature). All make your to-do list more clearly and scientifically.

Easy-to-use, friendly, and intuitive interface 

To a note-taking application, the interface and the way it displays and presents the items visually and vividly are very important. Beautiful, neat, modern, tidy, easy-to-see note boards will attract your attention and make it easier for you to focus. It also makes users more excited to check their daily work.

You can display your notes in a grid or a top-down list. You can also pin them as a widget. You can also actively rearrange the order between these modern notes by simply moving them to the right place.

In each note, the order of tasks is automatically adjusted as you change or enter a completion time for each task. You do not need to think much, just enter some basic information, and let Easy Notes take care of the rest.

You can choose different background colors for the notes and To-do-list. You can even change the background textures to make a difference for the easy check. In my opinion, it is both the personalization ability of the application and a feature that shows the developer’s care for the appearance of the notes.

Smart management of Notes and To-do-list 

It’s fine if you only have a few notes or a few dozen ones. But what if you have hundreds of notes per day or you have those divided into many forms of work and sometimes, they extend from months to years (like large projects)? At this point, the smart management capabilities of Notes and To-do-list will really come into play.

In Easy Notes, you can easily categorize your notes into different tabs, before or after creating them. Or you can install notes/ as a calendar so that they can be integrated and displayed briefly right on the application’s daily calendar mode. By default, Easy Notes can also self-categorize notes and To-do-list by type of work or by the time of note creation, or the entire length of the job. Based on these factors, you can quickly search them when needed.

Security and backup

Notes and To-do-lists sometimes contain a lot of your sensitive information. You never want them to be exposed to anyone, especially your competitors or people who have animosity with you. Therefore, it is super necessary to focus on the security or backup of information.

When using Easy Notes, all your notes and To-do-lists will be synced to Google’s cloud storage. Even if you accidentally lose your device, you don’t need to worry about losing your notepad. You can also share notes or enter new information into the notepads from anywhere, anytime on the Cloud, and then sync back to the device or vice versa.

Easy Notes also provides a Notepad Lock feature that keeps notes private with a password lock. In addition to the application lock, users can also set passwords for important notes so that even if anyone wants to, they can’t access them freely.

Summary of Easy Notes’ note-taking features

  • Ad-free and free notebooks 
  • Notes for Photo and audio, and notes widget for home screen
  • Pin notes to the device’s home page
  • Actively organize notes by time, color, and category for easy review with the widget
  • Autosave even while taking notes
  • Sort the To-do-list in chronological order given by the user
  • Draw in notes with a virtual pen and template
  • Have a backup of all notes and to-do lists on the Cloud
  • Set the reminder for each work item in each note
  • Have Notes Calendar to easily manage To-do-lists and notes over time
  • Add background colors and images for Notes 
  • Password Lock

MOD APK version of Easy Notes

MOD feature

VIP Unlocked

Download Easy Notes MODAPK for Android

Although being a small note-taking application, Easy Notes always fulfills its responsibility in each important feature. Flexible, comfortable, easy-to-see, vivid notes now can be intelligently managed, backed up, and protected with the best security. This must be one of the best apps for your busy life.

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