EPIK Photo EditorMOD APK v3.0.30

Introduce about EPIK Photo EditorMOD APK

Professional image-editing app with quick operation and beautiful effects

What is EPIK Photo Editor?

Nowadays, there are many photo editing apps available. Each has its own strengths. If you are looking for a tool to support simple, quick operation and the ultimate requirement is that the resulting photo must be sharp, delicate, have unique colors, have depth, then you should use a powerful photo editing app like EPIK Photo Editor.

EPIK Photo Editor is a professional photo editing app with a series of advanced editing tools in a modern western style. With this application, you will get an impressive, artistic, and truly unique post or story to show off to your friends on social networks.

To do this, EPIK Photo Editor provides a series of photo editing tools that are simple to use but meet all requirements from basic to advanced photo editing.

Basic to professional photo editing features

What gives depth and elegance to each photo is the color and finish. In terms of color, EPIK Photo Editor has effects that have been refined over many years of artistic photos. This app has HSL, Curves, Split tone, Lux, Grain, Vignette effects… Just touch and apply, you will have your own beautiful photo.

In terms of photo perfection, EPIK provides a set of quick image manipulation tools that help you crop, rotate, mirror, flip, change perspective and perspective. No need for complicated operations, with just one or two touches you can quickly change the basic appearance of your photo. And then you can move on to using additional effects available in the app to take the photo to the next level.

Perfect portrait photo editing toolkit

EPIK Photo Editor also specializes in portraits. Portrait photos as you already know, how to edit and “upgrade” is quite different from photos taken from a distance or taken with outside scenery. It needs sharpness, sophistication, and great detail. But it also can’t miss the natural features and inherent contours of the subject, especially close-up photos.

Specifically, EPIK Photo Editor has the following portrait editing tools: erase dark spots, make a natural face brighter, add trendy makeup details: change hair color, change lipstick color, eyebrow color, contact lens color, blush color, nail polish, teeth whitening… The special feature of portrait photo editing tools, especially the makeup-oriented parts, is that they are very modern, Western look and personality, not feeling weak girly bling-bling as often found in many other popular photo editing apps. Your finished photo when editing in EPIK Photo Editor is purely a high-quality, calm, and personable work of portrait art.

Create collages with a range of trendy photo effects

When using EPIK Photo Editor, you can also add stickers, add text, brush shapes, provide color frames, borders to your photo. These features are honestly not new, but through EPIK Photo Editor, they have a completely different look. You may find your photos more refined, profound, and voluptuous. Because all the effects mentioned above are in the western style, modern and somewhat artistic. They are not too shiny, the detailed components are not too flashy. On the contrary, it is always minimalist, delicate, going into details and exalting the main lines in the original image, the color tone is also calmer and more mature.

Download EPIK Photo Editor MODAPK for Android

In short, if you are looking for a simple, yet effective image editing app that creates stylish, artistic, modern, and distinctive photos on social networks, all you just need is EPIK Photo Editor.

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