Escape: Interactive Stories MOD APK(Unlimited Tickets) v1.0.4

Introduce about Escape: Interactive StoriesMOD APK

Get ready to dive into your full of romance, drama, mystery, and fantasy life!

Escape: Interactive Stories will be one of the interactive novel games you need to download to your phone. All levels of the most intense emotions are fully reproduced in each story. This is also a game with a very rich set of novels with all genres, you can freely experience regardless of your taste.

Get ready to dive into your second life

“Live by instinct”, “follow your heart”… these words you probably have heard. But few people can do them in life. Because we are still bound a lot by reason, calculation, responsibility, and countless other unnamed things in life. Emotions are therefore never radiated most intensely according to their inherent meaning.

Is there any place where you can live a second life, leisurely, without thinking about any consequences, living freely according to what you want, what your heart tells you? With Escape: Interactive Stories, you will do all of it.

Why is Escape: Interactive Stories different?

Still a typical interactive novel game, but Escape: Interactive Stories brings many unforgettable impressions to players because of the following 3 differences.

First, Escape: Interactive Stories has an extensive collection of stories. Select, and create interesting interactive stories from all genres: romance, drama, fantasy, horror, action… You can transform into a vampire who falls in love with a lord powerful mafia or take over a school as an attractive young headmistress. No matter which story you choose, you will still have to make many decisions, sometimes like standing in the middle of a fork in the road. It is these choices that will lead you to different paths for your character’s fate and ending. You will let your instincts speak, or again shy away from social prejudices and do things only at a “moderate, safe” level for yourself. The whole choice is yours.

Owning a rich interactive story store not only helps Escape: Interactive Stories always bring new inspiration to players, but also bring high replay value. Since each story itself has different choices, you can give your character a different ending.

Every week Escape: Interactive Stories has a new story update. The developer’s great commitment will make you rest assured to keep this game on your device and play it for a long time.

The second reason you should choose Escape: Interactive Stories is because of the high customizability for the character. Specifically, you can customize the character’s appearance from hairstyle, skin color, face, and outfit. There are not too many changes no matter which customization you choose, but choosing according to preferences like this makes players feel like they are the characters, better embodying and empathizing better in the story, A must-have in any interactive novel game.

The most important reason: the quality of each story

This is also the third reason you should choose Escape: Interactive Stories. Each story in Escape: Interactive Stories does not go by lightly. Each story has many twists, sensational plot twists, and dramatic situations that can make any cold heart flutter.

For example, you’re spending two weeks in Paris and living under a fake name that people won’t notice in your escape from the past. But unfortunately in those two short weeks, you fall in love with a hot sexy artist.

Or in the Crave story when you think that the Academy you are attending is like any other prep school. But things are not as you think. There is a strange boy here who is paying attention to you and you also learn that he is holding a deadly secret of the school. Are you confident enough to resist his irresistible charm?

Or in the Behind the closed doors story, your roommate and childhood friend invited you to spend the weekend at the lake. This is the time when he wants to test your feelings for him as he has for you. But at that moment an unexpected event happened again, will it change your decision?

Or in the Valkyrie story, you traded your beauty queen crown to fulfill your dream of becoming the first female Marine in history. But when Commander Seal shows up to train you, both of you get caught up in the dangerous whirlpool of Love. Which path will you choose: shake off your emotions to pursue your career advancement, worthy of the trade-offs of the past. Or choose to listen to your heart and ignore any loss ahead. Is there a better way to make your heart hurt less?

Download Escape: Interactive StorieMOD APK for Android

In short, Escape: Interactive Stories has beautiful visuals, a good story, drama, good situational logic and psychology, plenty of room for players to participate and make decisions. With a lot of stories and added weekly, Escape: Interactive Stories deserves to be an interactive novel game that should be on your phone.

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