Farm Bay MOD APK v1.6.4

Farm Bay MOD APK is a simulation game from the publisher Manalot Games. Welcome to the peaceful world, farmers!

Join the slow life: farm on the island, raise animals, and hunt for treasures! Furthermore Hay Day MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Seeds) v1.54.71

They said that if you want to be excited, play a shooting game, and if you want to be peaceful and slowly enjoy happiness, play a farm game. That’s also the reason why I, besides shooting games, sometimes want to change the wind, relax my mind with a cool, light farm game.

The farm game has no missions, no battlefields, no gore, no violence. Just like a walk around the farm and doing this and that till the end of the day. Immersing yourself and killing time in that comfortable, light-like atmosphere, you will feel your heart so peaceful.

Not only does it change the feeling, but it also erases the worries of the chaotic life around. One of the best farm games to me is Farm Bay, which is super great. You guys may want to download it to play right after watching the review.


Like many other farm games, the opening of Farm Bay is quite peaceful, and the protagonist’s decision (“remove everything and start over”) will bring you into a new life in a place far away from the normal world.

You received a handwritten letter from two friends Olivia and Ben. The two said that they had just contributed money to buy a small farm on an island and invited their friends to leave town to go there and take care of everything with them.

You, at that time, were also too tired of life here and didn’t have a wife and children. So, you nodded and said yes. The truck came to carry a few boxes of things, so you went to the remote island. The new life of a true farmer began.

Farmer’s duties

You will start with the simplest things: harvest the available crops, find and raise suitable livestock breeds, and plan to trade with the surrounding areas to earn money. Over time, when you get used to the job, you start to invent recipes on your existing agricultural products .

you find out other potential markets for agricultural products for profits, and you seek to diversify agricultural products such as adding fruit trees and a series of new breeding models with more diverse animals such as dairy cows, shrimp, fish…

When you play long enough to become a true islander, you have a lot of interesting neighborhood relationships around. Each person brings a different excitement, a different living and working experience to you.

Above all, they will be the “clue” to lead you to many other exciting journeys on this verdant island. Someone will take you to the sources of materials, from which to exploit and improve the production facilities for your farm.

Others accompany you on interesting trips around the island. Some people often push you into interesting activities that you have never experienced before, such as fishing, participating in contests of the islanders. The culmination is probably a treasure hunt with a neighboring brother, there will be treasures worth thousands of golds buried somewhere on this peaceful island.

What can you do in this farm game?

Of course, the first will be raising livestock, planting, trading, and exchanging agricultural products, then cooking, and doing a few odd things. Next, you will have many opportunities to decorate your own farm, turning Olivia and Ben’s rather lonely land into a rich, green farm where every corner is beautiful and makes a lot of money.

Then you will participate in a series of competitions, big and small events in the village. You explore the island, hunt for treasure, and turn the whole island into the most livable, rich, and green place.

Life on the island is not only busy and colorful but also poetic. Because the kind neighbors around are always friendly, welcoming you enthusiastically. They instruct you, open games, and draw you into the attractive pleasures of the green land. Try to talk to each one a lot, and you will gain valuable information and a lot to explore later. Most of the works here come from these villagers in the village.

Don’t be so busy playing that you forget the big goals of the farmer

You roam around and do some missions. But don’t forget the responsibility of a farmer managing this vast farm. You will always need to keep an eye on your field plots, you balance between reserve crops and the amount of harvest/sale so as not to be passive in any situation. Strive to be a quality farmer by constantly taking care of your farm and trading agricultural products with the villagers and other villages to gain great profits.

And when roaming around with the neighbors, don’t forget the goal is to find the mines, exploit them to collect valuable resources. Then decorate and expand the farm. Remember, traveling by yacht will be much faster. You can also download Takashi Ninja Warrior  MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v2.6.4

Regular events take place on the island to renew your experience through fun little challenges with the villagers. It’s also an opportunity to win valuable prizes, sometimes farming tools, sometimes new seeds, or new trading methods. Don’t miss these minigames.

Download Farm Bay MOD APK for Android

Join your friends to build a majestic farm on a green island. This game has so many bright, beautiful graphics, fun music, many interesting neighborhood characters, and many minigames to relax. Let’s regain energy to start a new work week with Farm Bay! Moreover Big Farmer MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v1.8.9

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