Farm Day Village Farming MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v1.2.68

Playing a farming simulation game like Farm Day Village Farming MOD APK, you will find that life has so many wonderful things worth experiencing than just hanging around tall buildings, making a living, and paying the bills.

Leaving the city and returning to the village are so interesting.Farming is not easy and leisurely but so peaceful!

Farming is not leisurely

Farm Day Village Farming MO APK is a fun farming game. If you have played farm games before, you might feel relaxed and relieved when immersing yourself in rural life like this.

But it is not leisurely at all. The amount of work in a farming simulation game is NOT SMALL.

You will have to be always hands-on with billions of things, from farming, planting, taking care of trees, to raising livestock, working on a farm before and after harvesting, processing, and trading.

Not to mention that some games also have “extra-curricular activities” such as walking, fishing, reading, chatting, connecting with surrounding residents, exploring the space of the region… They will take you a lot of time.

In short, playing farm games, you don’t need to be so skillful to plant and take care of your farm like in real life. But the skill of careful consideration, regulating the crops, and arranging the work of the day (to be reasonable and most productive) is what makes the difference between good players and bad players.

Farming is not easy

The game poses a situation where you inherit a small farm from your parents. Although it is a small farm, it has so many amazing things. Well, your parents must be a rich couple. And you must be a very lucky daughter, so feel free to enjoy it!

Here’s the thing. I don’t know what this soft-looking girl was doing before. But when becoming an heir, she came back home immediately. Maybe she is so ready to be a farmer, isn’t she?

Once she got there, she started working. She knew that she must work hard to get something to eat. Our girl is very timely, clearly aware of what needs to be done. She must have inherited the spirit of farm management from her late parents.

The quests started appearing as if they were just waiting for the moment. You will start planting, cultivating different fields around the farm to restore the crop.

You must take care of the plants regularly and choose the right plant varieties (such as wheat, cotton, canola, etc) for each time of the year. Once the planting has stabilized a bit, it is time to focus on livestock.

Start with simple animals such as pigs, dairy cows, then move on to complex animals that require more time and effort to raise such as sheep, horses, buffaloes, goats…

Once these two basic things are done, you get used to life here and start to build many useful relationships, then the next step is to harvest, and process finished products (such as milk cake, cheese…) from agricultural sources.

Sell agricultural products directly or delicious and diverse products made by your own hands to collect money. The feeling when the first gold coins fly into your pocket will be very great.

Everything depends on your arrangement and choices

The secret to becoming a famous farmer is choosing and arranging work wisely. Your day is always a series of schedules and priorities. If you use your free time reasonably, you will do so many things and get a lot of money.

For example, you can alternate crops at each time of the year; While waiting for the rice to ripen, you can prepare materials for raising a herd of pigs; While taking care of pigs, you can process some delicious food from the flour and milk from the previous crop.

Do not forget to go around to collect more materials and strange and rare varieties of plants and animals which can help you earn a lot of profit. You will do that much work in a day, a week, or even a month.

To do well, you must make a plan intelligently, arrange a smart schedule and not depend on any task too much. Only then is the farming process really effective.

If you are looking for a beautiful farming simulation game with all the above exciting jobs, cute pictures, and colors, Farm Day Village Farming can be a must choose.

MOD APK version of Farm Day Village Farming

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: Use comfortably even if there is not enough.

Download Farm Day Village Farming MOD APK for Android

“Work hard, enrich your farm and live the life of a happy farmer.” I just want to replace this review ending with an introduction from the manufacturer.

If you want to experience the feeling of a busy farmer but still keep your heart at peace, download Farm Day Village Farming MOD APK to play immediately!

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