Farm Land MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v2.2.6

Give up the noisy life, go back to our hometown to grow vegetables and raise chickens!

Farm Land MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v2.2.6is classified as an Adventure game by the publisher HOMA GAMES. In my opinion, it should be a farm simulation genre. But the type of farming in Farm Land is quite strange.

You must be too familiar with the sincere farm simulation games where everything is quite slow and gentle. Me too. And when I opened this game, I always had that thought in my head. Then… I was shocked.

The farmer has the speed of an arrow

The first reason why I was shocked is probably because of speed. When every farm game is slow and leisurely to portray the peaceful feeling of rural life, Farm Land is rushing like a battle. You can plant and reap, then collect money within 1 second.

Then choose an animal, grow it up, milk it, and collect money in just 1 second. Having gold coins in hand, you expand the farm through the vicinity, add more fields, more bridges over the river, more farming areas, in just 1 second.

In the middle of the vast sea, there is a small island. You are a diligent and skilled farmer on the island. Your task is to turn the whole island into a farming kingdom. From a rice field, a warehouse, and a small field, you will work continuously, hire workers reasonably, then collect gold quickly and gradually expand your farming parts.

To cover the whole island with green, the speed of your work and the people around you must be terrible. So, it is understandable that the game has such an unexpectedly fast speed. But to be honest, it’s a bit shocking to be this fast.

Everything comes to your hand, that’s life

The next thing that shocked me was… Well, even though I know you’re talented, doing so many things at the same time as this is probably only the work of farmers in Farm Land. To tell the truth, the people .

you can hire in this game are slow and a bit passive. You hire a corn harvester to bring back the money and he will stay there forever, unable to move to the second field to do other work.

So, you must spend money to hire another worker. Probably like the type of short-term hiring people, when the contract expires, the job is withdrawn. It’s understandable, but it’s a bit disappointing to come so fast. Oh, that’s life.

And to compensate for that, you, the main character, will have to do everything: choose agricultural products, livestock; read grow instructions; find trading places; choose the time to sell agricultural products to collect gold coins…; busy exploring new lands (anyway, the land will successfully improve itself after you spend a bunch of gold); bridge friendly bridges; build

windmills; create aqueducts; expand the land area of ​​the island; and slowly turn all surrounding maps into fertile farming areas.

If you ever wonder why you have to do so much in this game, just keep playing because that’s just the beginning, the sweet fruit is waiting for you later.

Because you will get a lot, more than what you expect

The longer you ‘plow and hoe’ with Farm Land, the more you unlock new crops such as rice, corn, apples, sunflowers, eggplants, wheat, tomatoes… Livestock is also more prosperous thanks to different types of animals with high economic potential such as dairy cows, goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, pigs…

Fortunately, the environment on the island is extremely fertile. No matter what you sow, or raise, it will go smoothly. They will grow up rapidly and constantly bring you a bunch of gold. This is also a very different point from other farming simulation games where you must spend a lot of time and effort to harvest. 

The bigger task that you need to open your eyes to do is to expand the farming area very quickly after earning a lot of gold.

MOD APK version of Farm Land

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


Increase when you spend.

Download Farm Land MOD APK for Android

After this covid pandemic, I believe many people will decide to leave the city and go back to their hometown to grow vegetables and raise chickens for relaxing moments. But from here to there, before that dream becomes true, let’s play through some farm simulation games to try to plant, harvest, milk, herd chickens, shear sheep… to live like a real farmer.

Farm Land is the best choice. Play it and wait until the end of the pandemic, leave the city, and go home.

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