FINAL FANTASY II MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v1.0.3

FINAL FANTASY II MOD APK, a classic pixel game is refreshed on the mobile platform both in completely new graphics and sounds. But the plot and gameplay are still as vivid and attractive as ever. Do you find a part of your childhood here? Furthermore World Flipper MOD APK v1.501.0

“If you have ever played Final Fantasy. There is no reason to not play FINAL FANTASY II”, said gamers. I didn’t believe it until I played this game on an old console. I had a long time playing this game. Then I grew up and no longer played it.

But one day, I got to know that FINAL FANTASY II had been remade on mobile. I quickly downloaded and played and couldn’t help writing this review to tell you guys immediately.


The story tells the adventures of four young orphans in the kingdom of Fynn: Firion, Maria, Guy, and Leon. What they all have in common is that their parents and families were killed in the attack of the Palamecia empire.

Because of his ambition to conquer the world, the tyrannical king of the empire used magic to revive 4 hellish monsters. Firion, Maria, and Guy were lucky to be saved. They grew up together with the same goal of defeating 4 monsters, eradicating the empire, and bringing down the evil king and finding Maria’s lost brother Leon.

The long adventure unfolded with lots of twists and turns. The plot of FINAL FANTASY II can be said to be the deepest, longest, and most impressive of all the game series.

The story ended with a happy ending. Evil has been eliminated, the future is open to the country, the person who must die has died. But one person still tormented with all that was happening is Leon. The story of Part II ended temporarily when Firion let Leon go as he wished but always wanted him to remember that here, Fynn, there was always a place for him to return, whenever.


All the magic of the original is almost preserved in this comeback. And of course, it comes with some improvements and controls to make it easier to play and more suitable for the mobile platform.

Since its days on older GameBoys consoles, FINAL FANTASY II has been known for its unique skill leveling system: no exp system to level up. Now when it comes back on mobile, this money-making feature is of course preserved.

Accordingly, the characters through the battles will be enhanced with different attributes depending on each person’s fighting style, not simply leveling up in general like many other RPG games.

Specifically, instead of receiving points after each battle, the character will develop skills based on the moves he uses often. For example, if the character often uses magic to fight, his magic stat will have higher experience points than other characters specializing in punching attacks.

At the same time, this person’s magic stats will increase, HP and MP will increase depending on the needs of the battle. In the end, whoever often uses HP will get the maximum HP increase, whoever uses a lot of MP to fight will increase the MP stat. You can also download Blade Bound MOD APK (God Mode, One Hit) v2.24.0

During the adventure, you will meet a lot of secondary characters. Remember to chat enthusiastically with them, do not skip too quickly. Why? Because there is always a piece of secret information somewhere, there is a hint to guide you to the new directions or decipher a little secret related to the progress of the story.


MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Graphics and sound

Still, the traditional things, but now it has been reworked to make it deeper, richer, more beautiful, and brilliant than in the past. All the iconic character designs created by artist Kazuko Shibuya on pixel graphics will bring you back to the pure childhood memories, the days when you still played with the old game console.

The music is also kept, still the original songs of artist Nobuo Uematsu, but rearranged to be more seamless and emotional.

Not only stopping at refreshing and bolding the graphics and sounds of the classic game in the past. A bunch of extra features specific to mobile players are also added, naturally and smoothly. Like touch controls and the interface have been redesigned to be more modern.

There is an option of auto-battle mode for newbies to the game… All these show a great effort of the developer to bring back a past as it has never been old, to all modern young people today.

Download FINAL FANTASY II MOD APK for Android

The pixel game is a remake of a very popular Final Fantasy game, in terms of gameplay, a unique upgrade system, and an attractive character line and storyline. For those who want to find their childhood with the Final Fantasy game series, let’s download and play right away.

For those who do not know what Final Fantasy is and what it is special about, please download it here, the essence of which is in this FINAL FANTASY II part. I believe that it will never disappoint you. Moreover Auto Battles Online MOD APK v705

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