Find Out MOD APK (Unlimited Hints/Scanners/Timers) v2.1.8

If you like games to find objects, then solve puzzles that combine difficult things, and strain your brain a bit, you should play Find Out MOD APK.

Not only beautiful and good but the game scene is also extremely rich, and it can meet the above standard.

What’s new about Find Out?

Find Out is an intellectual puzzle game for mobile that is extremely attractive. Unlike other games, where a picture is filled with details, the image is interlaced somewhere and then forces you to find what you are looking for.

In Find Out, the panorama picture appears simple and concise; the hand-drawn pictures, the vintage colors are nice. Moreover, the important thing is that there are very few details, the number of items to find is not much.

However, to find things in the list that appears at the bottom of the screen, you must use all your skills. Even flexibility, quickness, and eyes as sharp as owls are needed.

Most of the things on the to-find list are not available for you at all. For example, the game tells me to go find an omelet for kao. If you blow up the room in the picture, you won’t find any clad.

And you have to be like this: go to the refrigerator, touch the egg, move it to the pan that is on the stove, then break the egg and fry for a while until it is cooked, then you have the desired omelette. After that you touch on the ed-pad and drag it to the correct list box, then the game will accept it as “Ah, you’re so good, you found it”. Now you are given points.

Everything is like that until you give up. And the example I just mentioned is the opening level, the simplest in the game. Until the next few scenes, there are situations that are bittersweet because it is both difficult and silly.

For example, the guy crossing the street was hit by a car, the traffic lights were flashing continuously. The requirement is to find the green traffic light. So, you must search everywhere to find a screwdriver, put it inside the light box and adjust it a bit, then the light will work normally again.

Wait until it turns green, then touch and move to the found item box. So just completed. The logic that you will sit there and wait until the light turns green is not suitable here. Playing this game must be self-motivated. Later, everything will be more difficult and never available for you to win.

MOD APK version of Find Out

MOD features

  • Unlimited Hints/Scanners/Timers
  • No Ads

Interacting as much as possible

There are many types of puzzles in Find Out. Not only do you find objects or interact with items to lead to hidden objects, but sometimes you also find the difference between two pictures, find hidden objects in hidden objects and dozens of other interesting puzzle styles.

The secret for you to decide to try Find Out is the two words “Interaction”. The picture of each scene is clear with tiny details, but I assure you that every object has its own purpose. Everything happens with a reason.

Just interact with all the items, use scissors to cut the paper, use the lawn knife to cut the grass, then you will see the magic naturally come.

For instance, you need to look for a scene where a locust bird flies away but there is nothing on the picture. You will have to pick up the lawn mower, cut the grass so that the dragonfly will appear, and then the bird somewhere high above immediately swoops down to grab it.

Capture this moment and we complete the mission.

Only when you find all the items in the game list will you be able to pass the new scene. That’s why playing this game is frustrating. There are a few situations I don’t understand, so I must do something else to have peace of mind.

When I calm down, I can try again to pass to a new level. What a difficult game! But thanks to that, my motivation to brainstorm increases many times, compared to the previous games of finding objects that I have played.

Graphics and sound

The sound of Find Out is basic with only background music and some fun effects when you find items and collect points. The background music is also fun and brings a lot of energy, which stimulates the player’s search ability.

The sound is just that. But the new shape is what makes all the emotions in this game. Each picture in the game is completely hand-drawn, but it is also incredibly detailed, vivid, and colorful.

It doesn’t have too many details, but which one comes out, the interweaving, mixing is very artistic. Therefore, i always find it extremely logical without any imposition or coercion.

Besides, there are a lot of animations or frames like an animated cutscene such as the story of the guy crossing the street being hit by a car mentioned above.

It’s a scene, not just a picture. Mixing still images and dynamic situations like this makes the inspiration always overflow, stimulating the players’ senses.

Download Find Out MOD APK for Android

It’s not true that Find Out is said to be intense because there’s nothing to do, and no need to fight. But this game is also not easy to play because .

you must do a lot of things, interact and exercise to get the things you want to find.

This is a particularly good game with beautiful pictures, quality puzzles as well as a challenge to find things in a strange way. It’s worth playing, guys.

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