Fire Emblem Heroes MOD APK v6.5.0

Fire Emblem Heroes MOD APK is a tactical role-playing game of the famous publisher Nintendo. This is the first mobile version of the cult strategy game series called Fire Badge, which has been older than 28 years on the console.

Honored to receive many awards and nominated in the category of “best mobile game”, Fire Emblem Heroes promises to bring an exciting adventure journey for players.


The setting in Fire Emblem Heroes MOD APK revolves around the conflict between the two kingdoms Askr and Embla. The protagonist, along with Commander Anna, Prince Alfonse and Princess Sharena are the guardians of the Askr Kingdom.

The four of them face off against Princess Veronica and Prince Bruno – the two leaders of Embla.

Both kingdoms use heroes summoned from other worlds to participate in the battle. However, this caused an unintended thing with the Embla kingdom, when they lost control of Dökkálfheimr’s army.

Riots happened constantly. And the arrival of the protagonist is expected to extinguish the conflict that has lasted for years.


Fire Badge Heroes is a strategy role-playing game and has the same gameplay as previous versions. You control a four-member team of heroes, taking on missions against rival armies.

Fire Emblem Heroes allows you to select a map before going into battle. In general, the landscape and the elements change, but they are all on a 6×8 grid.

If you are a veteran Fire Badge fan, you will easily recognize that these maps are designed based on previous versions. The terrain like forests, mountains, oceans, lava makes the game more dramatic. And it also greatly affects your tactics.

Besides the terrain, you must know the advantages and disadvantages of each team member. Arrange them in the right places on the map so they can develop their full capacity.

Fire Emblem Heroes requires tactics. You need to understand how the game works to be able to go deeper into the story. However, if this is the first time you experience

Fire Emblem Heroes and you do not understand the gameplay, you should see the instructions from the system, or use auto-battle mode. Then, observe and grasp the gameplay of the game.


Developed from the series is over 25 years old so this game has a lot of interesting modes. Some outstanding modes are Story Mode – including 13 chapters, with 1100 stages. Every time you complete a quest or match, you will be rewarded with a Ball and unlock the next stage.

In the course of the story experience, you will perform the tasks provided by the system and the NPC, each mission brings exciting rewards.

Training tower mode with a tower as tall as eleven floors. You take turns completing each challenge until you reach the top floor. Go through 5 common levels, 3 difficulty levels and 3 Lunatic levels to gain access to the next floor.

Victory at each floor will bring fragments and crystals (used to increase experience points) and medals (to level up the character).

Finally, Arena Duel – a true arena where you can challenge and compete with other players around the world. Fight in succession with 5 different teams to earn points. The rankings will sum up every weekend to award the best-performing warriors.


The character classes in Fire Emblem Heroes are set and limited to using a single set of weapons. The weapon set was divided into five main categories with different colors and powers. However, if you want to break that rule, you can combine two weapons to increase combat efficiency.

Depending on the enemy unit, you need to calculate the use of weapons in a reasonable manner. For example, bows and arrows are the most suitable weapon to confront flying units. The dagger has the ability to reduce enemy’s defense.

In addition, you can upgrade skills, weapons, equipment items for the characters. This way, you become stronger and win more easily in matches.

Download Fire Emblem Heroes MOD APK for Android

Attractive, interesting and dramatic, these are the things we can feel when experiencing Fire Emblem Heroes. If you are interested, you can download this game via the link below.

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