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Introduce about Food StreetMOD APK


Food Street is developed by Supersolid, this is a restaurant management game that allows you to unleash creativity, design and decoration for your store. And your simple task is to develop it into a famous restaurant with a large number of customers and great sales. You can raise, grow ingredients, prepare recipes and cook in an amazingly beautiful 3D city with super cute characters.

Serving customers is the joy of a restaurant manager. Food Street allows you to create dishes and serve them to customers, making sure to grow it bigger and accommodate hundreds of customers.

Owning a restaurant and feeling endless joy when serving food to hungry customers. What will your restaurant management story look like? Can you realize your dream of turning it into a famous restaurant? Join now on Food Street and find the answer for yourself!

Build your restaurant

When you start joining Food Street, you will only manage a small restaurant with few customers. Although the taste of the dish is not bad, the revenue is very low and sparsely populated, so you have to improve the restaurant to attract more customers. You can decorate, expand your restaurant, expand your garden, expand your kitchen with stations for different foods

Besides, in terms of restaurant decoration, you need to design a space for customers to feel comfortable because space has a great influence on the customer’s perception when enjoying a dish. Depending on your style, you can customize the theme, color and space in a romantic, cosy style or a French restaurant.

Buy staff uniforms to add consistency and character to your restaurant. The restaurant corner is very empty, add a piano, a fish tank or plant a Christmas tree. The choice is yours.

The farm

To ensure the way food hygiene, your restaurant needs a fresh and delicious supply of foods. Therefore, you should build your own farm. Build farms to get fresh ingredients and use them in your dishes. Searching for land, turning an area into a farm and starting to cultivate to get more ingredients. Raising cute animals such as chickens, pigs, cows, … to get ingredients such as eggs, milk, meat, … In addition, you are also allowed to raise pets to attract customers.

Cook great dishes for customers

In this game, you are both a manager, a waiter and a chef. Sounds ridiculous, right? But thanks to that, you can know what customers need, how to serve, how the restaurant should be managed to achieve the highest efficiency. All of that is handled through Food Stre

You can cook fresh food, make cakes simply with Food Street’s gameplay. You don’t have to know how to cook in real life to cook a dish that reaches Michelin Star rewards. Become a professional chef, there will be many customers who think you are Gordon Ramsay when you play this game. Cook according to the menu and do not let customers wait too long. If not, that will make your restaurant lose points of service, sales will decrease significantly.

Serve meals to customers

In Food Street, you are a chef, so you should cook by your skills to satisfy the customers in the restaurant, but you also need to have dedicated service staff with customers. You can hire service staff to reduce your work, make sure they always smile at customers and serve attentively to please them. Diners only stop at a restaurant that cooks and serves wholeheartedly, adding a loyal customer will bring many other customers. Your restaurant will soon become one of the most famous in the world.


In addition, you can collaborate with food clubs to compete in competitions and win prizes. Winning a contest is a way to promote your brand, so don’t forget to attend events to win amazing rewards.

Download Food Street MOD APK for Android

Food Street is indeed a very attractive and great restaurant management simulation game for Android phones. Interesting gameplay with super cute 3D graphics will satisfy even the most demanding gamers.

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